How to Remove Outdated Backups from your Website Backup Product

How to Remove Outdated Backups from your Website Backup Product

You may have received an alert in your email notifying you that you are over your Website Backup limit and want to know how to delete old backups to clear up some space. If so, please follow these instructions.

Step 1: Launch your SiteLock Dashboard:

  • If you purchased services directly from SiteLock you can go to our website and select LOGIN at the top righthand corner or click here. Your username will be the email address that you signed up for our services with. You may need to request a password reset if you are unable to sign in.
  • If you purchased services through one of our hosting partners you can launch the dashboard by signing into your hosting control panel and following their instructions. You may need to search their knowledge base for instructions to do this.

Step 2: View your Website Backup Results page:

  • For customers with multiple domain names on their account, you will want to ensure that you select the correct domain name from the drop down menu below your menu bar.
  • In the center section of the page showing your scan/product results, locate Website Backup and click manage:

Step 3: View All Backups:

  • You may need to extend the date range to allow you to view all your saved backups. You can do so by using the Date Range dropdown menu at the top right of the page. Use this to select View All Backups.

Step 4: Delete any saved Backups of your choosing:

  • Once you have selected the Backup that you would like to delete, click the Trash Can icon to the right of the backup:
  • You will then select OK to confirm the deletion of the backup:

You can delete as many backups as you would like to free up space. Once you have enough space you can save another backup of your website.

Hopefully, this guide was able to resolve your issue. Please let us know if you still require assistance by submitting a Support request through your SiteLock Dashboard, calling 877-563-2832 or chatting with us here.

Thank you for being a SiteLock customer and have a wonderful day!

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