How to Configure your SMARTDB (Database) Scan

How to Configure your SMARTDB (Database) Scan

The product that you have just purchased is your SMART (Secure Malware Alert and Removal Tool) Database Scanner. This is the scan that will be scanning your site database on an on-demand basis and can clean any malware automatically. For this scan to connect, you will use the same FTP user that you used to connect SMART.

Step 1: Launch your SiteLock Dashboard:

  • If you have purchased services directly from SiteLock you can go to our website and select LOGIN at the top righthand corner or click here. Your username will be the email address that you signed up for our services with. You may need to request a password reset if you are unable to sign in.
  • If you purchased our services through one of our hosting partners, you can launch the dashboard by signing into your hosting control panel and following their instructions. You may need to search their knowledge base for instructions on how to do this.

Step 2: Configure SMART/DB:

  • Once you have logged into your dashboard and have configured SMART, you will want to click the Dashboard button on the top left-hand corner. On that main screen, you will want to look for the square that says SMART/Database. Click on that square to configure the scan.
  • On this page, you will want to update your Platform Access Settings by clicking on Update.
  • You will then be asked if your site has an SSL certificate (does resolve to http or https?). You will also be asked if your site loads to a Domain or Subdomain (www., blog., etc.). And finally, you will choose your platform type. The scan can automatically connect to the database of WordPress and Joomla! Sites. If it is not one of those brands you will choose "other" and be prepared to provide your database login credentials.
  • Once you have confirmed your Platform Info, you will then be asked again to enter in the FTP credentials that you used to connect your SMART Scanner.
  • Enter the credentials and then hit “Test Connection”. This will then open your file tree.
  • Confirm the platform location on your server and then click “This Is It”. This will now check the features of the site and connect the scan.

Hopefully, this guide was able to resolve your issue. Please let us know if you still require assistance by submitting a Support request through your SiteLock Dashboard, calling 877-563-2832, or chatting with us here.

Thank you for being a SiteLock customer and have a wonderful day!

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