How SMART Works

How SMART Works

1.SMART downloads a copy of the files from your server to ours.

2.SMART scans a file for any malicious code on our end.

3.From here, there are two things that can happen to the file if SMART is set up to automatically clean your files:

a. If malicious code is found, SMART removes that code from the file and queues the file to be uploaded with the rest of the clean files back to your server and replace the original infected file.

b. If malicious code is not found, the file is not changed in any way and is not queued with the rest of the clean files to be uploaded to your server. The original file is still on your server as it was deemed clean in the first place.

4.SMART then goes to the next file and repeats the process from step 2 until all files are scanned and cleaned.

5. Once all files downloaded have been scanned and cleaned, SMART uploads the clean files to your server to replace the original infected files.

6. SMART repeats the process from step 1 on the next scheduled scan.

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