Common SMART Scan Errors

SMART Errors

If your dashboard is saying there is an error with SMART, you can find out the specific error by following the steps below, and then referencing the errors listed on this page.

1. On your dashboard, there should be a box with a red “X” that says “SMART” underneath.

2. On this new screen, there should be an error in red or yellow text in a red or yellow rectangular box below the word “SMART”. Reference that error with the ones below.

Max retries exceeded - Any issue below that SMART has encountered multiple times in a row. Most common cause for this is a bad hostname, see below for more details on that issue.

Login authentication failed - Incorrect FTP login credentials were used in the SMART settings. Ensure you are using the correct FTP username and password, and check for spaces in the “User ID” and “Password” fields

Bad hostname - The wrong hostname was entered into your SMART settings. Check for spaces in the “FTP host address” field, use your website’s IP address, and ensure you have the correct hostname. If you have our firewall, ensure you are using your website’s IP address.

Cannot find directory - A redundant or wrong directory was entered into your SMART settings. Ensure that the directory you input is not already included in the FTP user settings you created. Check the file path and resubmit the SMART settings.

Timeout Errors - Your server did not respond to our request within a certain amount of time. Either try again or contact your hosting provider for assistance

Permissions Errors - Either a file or directory has incorrect permissions. Contact your host to reset permissions on your server.

Filenames/Bad Filenames Errors - SMART cannot read certain characters in filenames. Rename the file to something generic and without spaces and run the scan again.

FTP user blocked/Suspicious Activity - This means your hosting provider has blocked the FTP user or IP address SMART is using. Contact your hosting provider to have them remove the block on both the FTP user and the listed IP address if there is one listed

FTP Quota Errors - The FTP quota for the FTP user has been exceeded. Either increase the quota, or contact your hosting provider for assistance

Disk Quota/Disk Space errors - The disk space on your server has been used up and SMART cannot upload files it has cleaned to your server. Remove unneeded files from your server to fix this issue as we cannot delete them for you.

SMART is scanning only one file - When you created an FTP user, it may have asked for a directory to assign to it. On some hosting dashboards, it will automatically input the username as a directory and create that directory with one file in it named ftpquota. The way to fix this is to delete that ftp user in your hosting settings, re-add it and ensure that the field only says public_html. If you are still unsure of this, ask your hosting provider for assistance.

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