What Tech Gives Secure Access to Sites? An Introduction to Encryption

November 12, 2020 in SiteLock News

As a website owner, you know securing your site is a must. Websites of all sizes face frequent threats, including cyberattacks, website vulnerabilities, and malware. Fortunately, website owners can take action to protect their sites from these threats. If you’ve ever wondered what type of technology provides secure access to websites, the answer is encryption. Read on to learn more about encryption, and how it helps secure your site.

What Makes a Website Secure?

Website security is any action or application that protects sites from security threats, exploitation and prevents website data from being intercepted. If you have ever conducted a search on what type of technology provides secure access to websites, you have likely seen the term encryption. Encryption refers to a cybersecurity measure that encodes website data so cybercriminals can’t read it. Only users with the correct encryption key can access this encrypted data. This means encryption helps prevent your website data and your visitors’ personal information from falling into the wrong hands in the event of a breach.

How Encryption Helps Secure Your Website

Most websites use the data encryption mechanisms TLS (Transport Layer Security) or SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to protect site and user data as it’s transmitted to and from the website. You can tell that a website uses SSL or TLS if its URL has a padlock icon in front of it and begins with “https” instead of “http.”

When users connect to a website using TLS or SSL, certain authentication standards are activated. In other words, your browser asks the website server to confirm its identity. During this authentication process, certification authorities like VeriSign or Symantec verify the registration and identity of the server. This ensures the website and server are secure and set up to protect user data.

Now that you have a better understanding of encryption and how this technology provides secure access to websites, consider taking it one step further. Contact SiteLock today and ask about our free Risk Score Scan now to get detailed information on your site’s overall health and security or contact us for more details about our products and services.

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