The SiteLock Website Security Insider Q2 2018

September 18, 2018 in SiteLock News, SiteLock Research

Did you know that websites experience an average of 58 attacks per day? That’s one cyberattack approximately every 25 minutes! Even more startling, as much as 61 percent of all internet traffic is automated traffic from bots, meaning these attacks do not discriminate based on the size or popularity of a website. No website is too small or too new to hack.

During Q2 2018, SiteLock analyzed over 6 million websites protected by web application firewalls and malware scanners in order to identify trends among cybercriminals. What we found was that while the average number of attacks experienced by websites per day increased by 16 percent, these attacks are becoming increasingly sneaky and difficult to detect. During the second quarter, we saw the number of symptomless malicious cryptominers double. Additionally, increases in Javascript files used to deploy cryptominers increased by 16 percent. As these types of attacks increase, website owners will need to become more proactive and vigilant in preventing malware on their websites.

What makes these stealthy attacks more alarming is that search engines are still blacklisting only 17 percent of websites infected with malware. Website owners that continue relying on outwardly facing symptoms or search engine warnings may be missing malware that is attacking their website visitors. This is especially concerning when you consider that 9 percent, or as many as 1.7 million websites, have a major security vulnerability that could allow attackers to deploy malware on them.

Even though these statistics can be alarming, there are steps that website owners can take to protect themselves. Taking proactive steps like using a malware scanner, updating your website applications, and filtering traffic with a WAF can protect your site from a successful cyberattack. The SiteLock Website Security Insider Q2 2018 goes over these and other tips for protecting your website from attackers.

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