Was Your Website Hacked? Six Signs To Look For

July 31, 2012 in Cyber Attacks

It’s sad, but true – a hacked website is a problem many website owners have and many of them aren’t even aware their site has been hacked until the symptoms are serious. The importance of learning to recognize the signs of a hacked website cannot be overstated. Of course, it is best to have preventative measures in place to avoid the disastrous results caused by malicious hackers. But if your site has undergone an infiltration, there are some definite warning signs that require immediate attention.

Signs of a Hacked Website

If your site has experienced any of the following problems, it is likely that you have a hacked website, and it is critical to get help immediately.

Search Engine Result Changes

If you are not in the habit of checking your search engine results, it is a habit you need to form. When looking at these results, if you observe pages with unusual names, or non site-related text and topics, you have been hacked.

Rapid Drop in Traffic

If potential visitors receive a warning that your site may be harmful to their computer, they will not click on your site. Alternatively, if they receive a virus warning from their own antivirus software, they will leave the instant it pops up. This will result in a significant decrease in traffic to your site, because you have been hacked.

Customers Redirected

If people are being redirected to another site when trying to access your site, you have been hacked.

New Code

If your source code has changed and contains new files, text, or links, you have been hacked. Check your source code frequently. It is an excellent indicator of malicious activity.

Google Blacklist

The one thing no website owner wants to see is a Google warning on their search engine listing. If you see “This site may harm your computer” next to your website listing, you have been hacked.

Someone Reports Getting a Virus

When a customer, or potential customer, gets a virus from your website, your credibility and reputation are at risk. You have been hacked.

It takes years to build a solid online reputation, but only seconds for a malicious hacker to destroy it. Don’t wait another day to be sure your website is secure. Contact SiteLock today at www.sitelock.com or 877-257-9263.

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