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December 20, 2017 in Product Updates, SiteLock News

The only solution in the industry to offer file-based malware scanning and automatic core security patching for WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal, in addition to database scanning for WordPress websites has arrived! Introducing SMART PLUS!

Open source content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal make it possible for anyone to create their own website. From an experienced developer making code changes to the owner of a growing online business deciding which plugins will best serve the needs of their customers, open source CMS platforms allow any website owner to easily customize their website. It’s no wonder nearly half of all websites today are powered by an open source CMS. WordPress alone accounts for 29% of all websites, from small businesses to global brands.

However, open source CMS platforms and plugins can carry significant security risks in the form of vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals commonly look for and exploit vulnerabilities in these applications. If websites aren’t running the latest security patches, they are more likely to contain vulnerabilities, and their risk of attack increases significantly. Recent SiteLock data shows that WordPress websites are 1.8 times more likely to be compromised than non-WordPress sites. Additionally, 43% of infected WordPress sites were not running the latest core updates at the time they were attacked, highlighting a prevalent problem in the open source community: website owners often neglect to install security patches. By doing so, many website owners unintentionally put their sites at a higher risk of attack.

Securing the platforms that power so much of the internet is critical, and the open source community has long been in need of a powerful, time-saving solution. It’s for this reason that SiteLock developed SMART PLUS: the first product in the industry to offer complete, proactive, and automatic security for CMS websites. With SMART PLUS, website owners will never have to worry about core security updates again.

Other popular open-source CMS platforms carry similar levels of risk. According to proprietary SiteLock data, 19% of websites running Joomla! are still using version 1.5, which has not received security updates since 2012. This correlates to an increased risk of attack: sites running Joomla! are 3.5 times more likely to be compromised than non-Joomla! sites. Additionally, Drupal, which powers major tech outlets, is 1.5 times more likely to be compromised than non-Drupal websites.

In an industry first, SMART PLUS offers exclusive features that CMS security accessible to everyone. These features include:

Automatic core CMS patching and daily vulnerability scans for WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal.

On a daily basis, SMART PLUS automatically scans for vulnerabilities and patches any found needed core security updates. When an update to the core CMS is released, our dedicated security team works to create a patch. This patch surgically applies the security measures of the update to the older version of the CMS without impacting the site performance. This allows website owners to continue to run their site using the version of the CMS their site was built on, with the security benefits of the update. This also allows web developers to plan for full feature CMS upgrades to go smoothly and avoid downtime.

SMART/Database, the world’s first database scanning and remediation tool for WordPress.

Combating and removing spam and malware at the database level was once a manual task best left to the experts, costing website owners time and money. SMART/DB is the only solution that can detect and remove database malware and spam on demand. Website owners also have the ability to fully customize what content and users are blacklisted or whitelisted, to ensure that only harmful, irrelevant spam is kept out.

Daily file-based malware scanning and remediation with SiteLock SMART.

The SiteLock SMART malware scanner offers powerful technology that checks for malware on a daily basis and removes it automatically – a feature exclusive to SiteLock. SMART’s comprehensive scan seeks out hard-to-find malware and removes it almost immediately, offering website owners a worry-free, hands-off way to protect their website.

In addition, we are pleased to inform existing SiteLock INFINITY customers that INFINITY now includes all the features of SMART PLUS in addition to 24/7 expert support, manual malware removal, and continuous scanning. These features bring even more peace of mind to the best website security solution on the market.

SiteLock is proud to offer SMART PLUS to the open source community, furthering our goal to protect every website on the internet. Call 855.378.6200 to get started.

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