SiteLock Video Review: How one web developer protects 125 websites

September 6, 2018 in Small Business

Brett Matthews manages over 125 websites through his company, Square 1 Designs. He provides website design, programming, and maintenance at an affordable price for his clients.

When he had just a few clients, he was able to clean malware and resolve cyberattacks himself. This worked well until one day, a customer experienced a cyberattack while Brett was on his honeymoon! His romantic getaway was interrupted as he spent seven hours removing the malware manually.

Brett realized that he needed a better solution for the sake of his business and his clients. Listen as he recalls his SiteLock experience:

SiteLock reviewed Brett’s needs and put together a custom security package that allows him to protect every single one of his clients, while maintaining his affordable prices. He says this has improved the way he does business and has made his job a lot easier because he does not have to worry about keeping his clients safe. “SiteLock gives me the peace of mind knowing that there’s someone always on top of these situations,” says Brett.

Brett has a great relationship with his SiteLock Account Manager and appreciates that the team is available 24/7/365 whenever a situation does arise. “Anytime I reach out to them they’re very quick to respond,” says Brett. “I have had a fantastic experience with SiteLock’s customer service.”

Whether you’re looking to protect a hundred websites or just one, SiteLock has a price and package that works for you. You can also see what other customers had to say in their SiteLock reviews.

About the company: Square 1 Design was established in 2004 by Brett Matthews and now maintains websites for over 125 clients and manages over 175 custom websites.
Their mission is to improve online interaction and visibility for local tourism-related businesses.

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