Case Study: The Blogging 911

January 17, 2017

Company Background

Rena McDaniel is a self-proclaimed WordPress aficionado and a technology buff. She is also a successful WordPress designer, mother, wife, and grandmother.

Five years ago, McDaniel’s life changed when she was in a serious car accident. Unfortunately, the accident resulted in her becoming physically disabled. After a year of rehabilitation, her husband accepted a new job in South Carolina. They sold everything and made the move. Motivated by the change and inspired by her new environment, McDaniel channeled her energy into her personal passion, WordPress. Her blog quickly grew beyond the simple joy of writing, and developed into a natural curiosity for WordPress design. With continued focus on her passion, McDaniel soon mastered her craft and her friends and family began to take notice. With their encouragement she decided to found offers a variety of consultative services including technical V.A. services, WordPress maintenance, blog migrations, website setup and design, and social media management/consulting. It is both a personal and professional achievement that McDaniel is thrilled about. As her website states, “When I’m building something, whether it’s a WordPress site, a graphic in Canva, ConvertKit, Leadpages, Clickfunnels or Mailchimp, whatever it is, it gets me excited. My heart races, I can’t sit still.”


McDaniel currently designs and maintains the websites of 37 clients and continues to expand her business, which is built on providing excellent customer service. Her clients find great solace knowing the health and security of their websites are in McDaniel’s trusted hands. A few months ago, McDaniel received an email notifying her that one of her client’s websites was infected with malware. As a trusted provider, she knew her client would be relying on her to fix the problem. After reviewing the issue, McDaniel quickly realized the hack was beyond her capabilities. She had read about SiteLock in a security article and decided to reach out.

Solution and Result

The SiteLock team got right to work removing the malicious content and restoring McDaniel’s client’s website within an hour. After carefully reviewing the vulnerability, SiteLock’s team of experts recommended the SiteLock premium scanner, which includes SiteLock® SMARTTM Secure Malware and Removal Tool, as well as SiteLock® TrueShieldTM web application firewall (WAF).

The SiteLock premium scanner uses SMART technology to provide daily comprehensive analysis of each website from the inside out. When malware is detected, the scanner automatically removes it. Once installed on McDaniel’s client’s website, SMART scanned and analyzed over 15,030 website files.

In order to prevent any future attacks or breaches, McDaniel also added TrueShield. TrueShield serves as a line of defense to prevent malicious code from being injected into the website. Current analysis shows that TrueShield has blocked over 5,206 threats and rejected 277 suspected bots with CAPTCHA since it was installed.

Once the SiteLock products were installed, McDaniel was able to restore her client’s website quickly and efficiently, resulting in only negligible downtime. Not only was her client grateful that the issue was handled and the malware removed, but also relieved knowing that the business impact was minimal. McDaniel was also pleased with her experience with SiteLock, “The customer experience was awesome. Everything was explained and options were given to have my client’s site up and running as quickly as possible. The SiteLock specialist who handled my case was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. He walked me through the process step by step.”

This experience has made McDaniel hyper aware of the need for comprehensive website security for her clients. “I would love to be able to offer these services to all my clients without waiting for something disastrous having to happen. This situation made my client and myself more attuned to the critical importance of website security.”

We offer a suite of comprehensive and affordable website security solutions to ensure that your website stays free of malware. For more SiteLock case studies, visit You can also read a brutally honest review of SiteLock on

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