SiteLock Launches New Website Backup Solution

February 25, 2020 in SiteLock News

We are excited to announce the launch of SiteLock Website Backup, our newest solution that provides businesses the ability to backup all their website’s files and the database with a single click, ensuring an easy recovery when needed. SiteLock customers now have access to a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions including website scanning, web application firewall (WAF), DDoS protection, malware repair, vulnerability patching, and now backup and recovery – all from the convenience of one trusted security provider.

What’s Website Backup?

SiteLock Website Backup enables businesses to backup and restore all website files and their database with one single click, minimizing downtime and potential lost revenue while ensuring business continuity. By using a website backup solution, you can gain peace of mind knowing your data is covered and can be completely restored should an unexpected event take place.

SiteLock Website Backup includes:

  • Disaster recovery – Website backup fulfills a key component of your disaster recovery strategy.
  • Quick connect – Connect via FTP or SFTP to initiate backup and restore functionality.
  • Cloud-based backup & recovery – Backup files, folders, and databases are stored in the cloud, so they are secure and available 24/7/365.
  • Automated backups – Schedule backups to run automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • On-demand backups – Execute a website backup at any time.

By using website backup with our other industry-leading security solutions, your business can gain full protection to battle today’s evolving threat landscape.

Learn more about SiteLock Website Backup and the benefits for your business.

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