SiteLock INFINITY Wins the 2019 Cloud Security Excellence Award

December 30, 2019 in SiteLock News

We are excited to announce that SiteLock® INFINITY™ has been recognized as a WINNER of the 2019 Cloud Computing Security Excellence Awards! The Cloud Computing Security Excellence Awards, presented by TMC’s Cloud Computing Magazine, honor solutions in two categories: solutions that most effectively leverage cloud platforms to deliver network security, and those providing security for cloud applications.

SiteLock® INFINITY™ is a state-of-the-art malware and vulnerability detection and remediation solution featuring unique, patent-pending technology to help website owners stay ahead of the ever-changing cyber landscape and focus on what matters most to them, their business.

Small businesses often build and maintain their own websites, but many do not have the technical expertise or bandwidth to ensure adequate protection is in place, which puts them at significant risk. With 60% of small businesses forced to go under following a cyberattack, the need for simple, affordable and powerful website security has never been more important.

SiteLock® INFINITY™ is the only cloud-based solution on the market that offers continuous scanning, automatic malware removal, complete CMS core security patching, and database protection for WordPress, Joomla! and any other web platform using a MySQL database. Recognized as an industry-first, INFINITY™ offers unrivaled accuracy and frequency, delivering the highest level of protection against security threats and vulnerabilities. Designed to scan a website from all angles to provide complete coverage of the website and database, INFINITY™ catches any trace of malware before damage is done.

At SiteLock, we believe all businesses should be able to safely leverage the power of the internet – no matter their size or budget. If you are a small business looking to improve your cybersecurity posture, contact us today to learn more about INFINITY™ and our other cybersecurity solutions to help secure your site.

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