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June 6, 2018

Did you know a single website experiences 44 attacks per day on average? Cybercriminals target websites to steal customer information, traffic, resources (like bandwidth), and of course, money. If you’re reading this, you’re already on the right track to protecting your website by taking matters into your own hands and researching security options.

That said, if you’re new to cybersecurity, deciding if and how you should protect your website can be confusing and overwhelming. We know there are a lot of things to consider when investing in your security—like your budget, needs, and whether or not the product or company is a good fit. At SiteLock, we’re here to help. SiteLock provides comprehensive website security to help find, fix, and prevent cyberattacks. We want to work with you, but the question is…do you want to work with us? Rather than us telling you why we’re a good fit, we thought it’d be best if you read what our customers have to say about their SiteLock experience.

To help with your research, we’ve rounded up various third-party websites where our customers are leaving their SiteLock reviews:

SiteLock Reviews

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

“We give Sitelock a very high rating. They have always been responsive, quick to action and professional. We trust them completely and appreciate their proactive approach to our security.” – Mel, May 2018

“I have had a good working relationship with this company. They have been easy to work with and eager to help solve any issues that arose in getting things up and running. The staff has always been very professional and courteous and are very knowledgeable about their products.” – Sharon, May 2018

“I continue to be super impressed with SiteLock’s total commitment to customer satisfaction. From their outstanding technology to the excellent & helpful support team, I know my site and concerns are being taken care of.” – Ron, May 2018

Consumer Affairs

“The first rep that contacted me was amazing, very helpful and friendly and explained to me what was going on with my site and how it could be corrected. He was fun, light hearted and outgoing and took away the stress of finding out my site was infected with malware. The second rep was very helpful and courteous as well and left me feeling very secure with my decision to entrust SiteLock with my site’s security.” – Carrie, May 2018

“Great support… friendly & informative! Thanks! Very quick to respond to my needs and apparently the problem has been fixed in a very speedy and efficient manner. All the support staff with whom I spoke were very knowledgeable and helped me immensely with the problems on my website.” – Gregory, May 2018

“The representative was able to help me solve issues and discrepancies in my sites. I feel he went above and beyond to make sure there was a clear understanding of what needed to be done and the benefits of certain decisions.” – Candice, April 2018


“Easy to use. A site started getting hacked and I had no idea what to do. Sitelock has taken care of the problem. Once setup is complete, the main job of the customer is to view the weekly reports and take any action, if necessary, and so far, all is well. I’ve dealt with other technology that required ongoing updates and heavy maintenance and for a non-tech person like me, easy-to-use is very important. Highly recommend.” – Cheryl, May 2018

“Cleaning was fast!” – Esperanza, May 2018

“Highly recommend Sitelock – spoke to a representative on a Sunday afternoon and they were able to get to work immediately on a website malware issue that took my sites down. Excellent service and staff!” – Sean, May 2018

WP Buffs

“Overall, my SiteLock review is positive. I see the value in their products and feel comfortable protecting my clients’ websites with SiteLock. They had friendly customer service, product setup was efficient, and my security results are easy to read. Two thumbs up!” – Joe Howard, WP Buffs founder, April 2018

“The bottom line? Before you make any conclusions about SiteLock, it’s best to do your due diligence regarding WordPress website security and try the product out for yourself. I’ve done mine, and I give SiteLock my stamp of approval for the company’s fast and friendly customer service, automated security solutions, and free website risk assessments.” – Maddy Osman,, December 2018

Bucking Stock Talk

“My web host put me in touch with SiteLock and my web pages have been clean ever since. What a relief to be able to assure my visitors and subscribers that they are safe on And, for me, it was as easy as a phone call and the solution was reasonably priced.”

SiteLock Case Studies

We’d also like to invite you to read a few of our case studies to help with your research. These particular examples showcase how SiteLock helps small businesses protect their sites from cyberattacks.

Case study: Independent Photographer Focuses on Website Security

“Ignorance is bliss up until the point where you see all of your hard work in the hands of someone else. If you have a website, you need to have website security because anyone is susceptible!” – Amanda Naor, Founder of

Case study: SiteLock Keeps Website Safe for Memphis Restaurant

“The customer support team was helpful and knowledgeable. They worked with me to find the right security products for my specific needs. I would definitely recommend SiteLock as a cost-effective solution to website protection.” – Steven Powell, Owner of

The SiteLock Experience

Finally, we want to walk you through the SiteLock experience, so you can determine whether or not we’re a good fit for your needs. Watch our customer journey video:

Not sold yet? You can read more SiteLock reviews on or speak with one of our security experts who can help answer your questions. We’re available 24/7/365 via live chat or phone at 855.378.6200.

To learn more about cybersecurity, read our “What is Cybersecurity?” blog for a simple breakdown and overview.

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