PC vs. Website Malware removal

October 9, 2013 in Cyber Attacks, Malware

When you purchase a new PC, you wouldn’t dream of connecting to the Internet without having an antivirus tool in place. Because it’s fairly common knowledge that the pace of growth and infection of viruses and attacks that affect personal computers is increasing rapidly and they can do serious damage. PC viruses and malware are often looking for personal information, like credit card data, that can be used for criminal and fraudulent activities.


To counteract the PC infection and theft that viruses and malware can cause, anti-virus tools have a sophisticated knowledge base of active threats. And they continuously look out for computers that have out-of-date antivirus software so they can update it automatically to protect PC owners and their computers from new threats as they are discovered.

The same risks are present online for websites. And in fact, it’s far worse when website malware exists. Why? Because when a single PC is affected with a virus or malware, it’s one computer and typically one person’s data. When a website is infected with malware, anyone that visits that site (and their PC) is at risk for infection, data theft and potentially cyber crime. Add to that the additional risks if the website is hosted on a shared server. If the website with malware is in a shared hosting environment, any site or data on that server can also be infected. Not to mention that the reputation risk and business loss for the website owner can be devastating, especially if the site is blacklisted by search engines.

In fact, according to the “Cost of Cyber Crime” annual study, recently conducted by the Ponemon Institute, more than 120 cyber-attacks take place each week. Worse yet, they are increasing year over year at a rate of 26%. So, as business owners build or expand their web presence, having a malware detection and removal tool should be second nature, just like having PC antivirus tools on computers. And the most effective anti-malware services have automatic malware removal, also just like an antivirus clean-up process. Simply click “fix” and the threat is removed.

The best medicine in this case is prevention. Unfortunately, many website owners wait until they have become a victim of malware before they realize how important it is to have a “website antivirus” service in place. To avoid being infected in the first place will keep your website visitors safe, your environment clean and your reputation intact.

SiteLock does for your website what antivirus software and clean-up tools do for your PC. And because we protect more than a million online businesses, our knowledge base of malware and other threats is up-to-date so we can proactively keep your site clean and safe. If you need help getting started, simply contact the security experts at SiteLock.

There’s never been a better time to act than now. The month of October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and it’s the perfect time to take action and do your part to make the Internet safer and more secure for everyone. To get started call SiteLock today at 855.378.6200.

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