Decoding Security 120: We Could All Use A Good WAF

Making headlines last week, the spam campaign Brain Food has been feeding email recipients a steady diet of junk messages, infecting over 5,000 compromised websites over the last four months. Additionally, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) took control of a large cyber-attack aimed at Ukraine in late May 2018. The massive malware campaign infected up to 500,000 routers, many located in small businesses and home offices around the world.

These are a few examples of why it is important to secure your website with a web application firewall (WAF), a tool that protects websites from harmful traffic, like cybercriminals and bad bots. A major line of defense between your website and hackers is an effective WAF . On Decoding Security, Security Analysts Ric Trevino, filling in this week for Jessica Ortega, and Ramuel Gall discuss why every website needs a WAF, and why it is an online security best practice, so be sure to listen in!

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