Decoding Security 116: Homegrown Cybersecurity

April 3, 2018 in SiteLock Podcast

Facebook has recently dominated cybersecurity headlines following the revelation that a third party analytics firm collected data on over 50 million unknowing users. Many Facebook app users were shocked to learn the social network recorded their personal calls and text messages, not realizing they had inadvertently given the company permission to do so.

In old news that’s new again, WannaCry is back! Aerospace giant Boeing was hit with the ransomware virus last week. Although Boeing was able to quickly mitigate the attack with minimal damage, it sheds light on a larger issue that some large companies can’t or don’t update their operating systems, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.

In light of these headlines, it’s a great week to talk about securing your own computer! From antivirus software to OS updates, security analysts Jessica Ortega and Ramuel Gall will discuss the best ways to keep your computer clean.

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