Decoding Security 117: Security on the Go

Continuing to deal with the fallout from the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, last week, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, testified before U.S. Congress admitting he never audited Cambridge Analytica to ensure the Facebook user data collected had been deleted. Also in the news this week, Panera Bread experienced a data breach that exposed millions of customers’ personal data for as long as eight months. Despite being warned by multiple security researchers, Panera did not disclose or address the leak until last week.

Whether you scroll through Facebook photos on your tablet, order from your favorite cafe on your phone, or shop with big retailers using their apps you probably spend a lot of time on your mobile devices. Decoding Security has offered guidance on how to keep your website and computer secure before, but protecting your mobile devices requires a different approach. This week, security analysts Jessica Ortega and Ramuel Gall discuss the importance of cybersecurity on mobile devices and best practices for staying safe on the go. Be sure to tune in!

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