Decoding Security 115: Getting the Right Web Security

The Equifax breach dominated headlines in September 2017, and is once again making news. Last week former Equifax CIO, Jun Ying, was found guilty of selling all of his company stock, knowing it would soon be worthless, before the 2017 security breach was made public. In other cybersecurity news, your Decoding Security hosts also discuss the recently disclosed RyzenFall vulnerability, which could allow cybercriminals to copy data from secure areas of millions of computers.

While the Equifax breach and RyzenFall vulnerability have affected millions of people, smaller breaches impact businesses, bloggers, and website owners every day. This week on Decoding Security, Security Analysts Jessica Ortega and Ramuel Gall break down the importance of website security and share best practices to help protect your website from cybercriminals. They’ll also clear up confusion and common misconceptions regarding the role of the hosting provider in website security. Spoiler alert, your host is not responsible for your website security! Lastly, they’ll help you identify red flags to look for when choosing a security provider.

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