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December 21, 2017 in Product Updates, SiteLock News

Patchman, best known for patching application vulnerabilities and helping hosts stop abuse before it begins, is expanding its product offering for the first time since being acquired by SiteLock in July 2017. Patchman, which is based in the Netherlands, was founded in 2015 with the goal of securing CMS applications from the hosting provider level to protect customers who did not update their applications in a timely manner. Up until now, Patchman has focused on the “Big Three” of open source content management systems – WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal – covering core application vulnerability patches. Now, for the first time, Patchman is expanding their offerings into both ecommerce and plugins – offering patches for Magento core vulnerabilities and WooCommerce vulnerabilities.

Why Ecommerce?

American shoppers spent over 5 billion dollars on Black Friday this year, marking a 16.9% increase in online sales over the same time period in 2016. Online sales are expected to grow 13% in 2017 from the previous year and Forrester predicts that ecommerce sales will account for 17% of all retail activity by 2022. This growth brings with it, new opportunities for cybercriminals interested in stealing information or propagating malware. During November and December of 2016, ecommerce sites saw a 20.5% increase in attempted cyber attacks. Due to this, consumers are more concerned than ever about the security of retailers they shop online with. A study conducted by SiteLock found that 65% of respondents who have had their information compromised with an online retailer will no longer shop online.

In the world of ecommerce, WooCommerce for WordPress is the industry leader accounting for 42% of all ecommerce sites online. While WooCommerce is not the only ecommerce plugin available for WordPress, it currently accounts for more than 94% of all ecommerce sites on the platform with over 3 million active installations. Magento powers approximately 4% of ecommerce sites online with 237,834 active installs.

Why Patchman?

Patchman’s expansion into securing Magento allows us to secure Magento specialised hosting environments, including Dedicated and Virtual Dedicated servers used by webmasters specializing in ecommerce design. Website developers specializing in building and hosting Magento powered ecommerce sites can now offer guaranteed security to their customers, with automatic patching taking place before compromises do on new websites. This also allows developers to plan for full upgrades to be seamless and avoid downtime, because Patchman’s vulnerability fixes are surgical – protecting key contingencies like plugins and themes.

In addition to early warning and vulnerability patching, Patchman’s services now leverage SiteLock’s full file malware database to quarantine and clean malware on compromised ecommerce and CMS websites. For the first time in the industry, full preventative and reactive security is available to hosting providers and server administrators protecting their hosting and customer reputation.

For more information and package details, check out Ecommerce exclusive packages and full content management system packages including the ecommerce component available now!

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