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September 9, 2021 in SiteLock News

SiteLock recently underwent an exciting brand relaunch which includes an aesthetically appealing web redesign enhancing our overall look and feel. SiteLock’s website evolution includes a sleek interface, improved navigation, and redesigned product offerings. The redesign unveils a more contemporary and sophisticated platform evoking the future of the company, as well as aligning with our parent company Sectigo’s mission: to secure the digital landscape of today and tomorrow.

Although the SiteLock website has been refreshed, customers can remain confident that the same products, service, and support they’re accustomed to will remain intact. Additionally, the enhancements are designed to elevate user experience and satisfaction, as well as bolster consumer trust and confidence with its updated design and targeted messaging.

Customers can now better utilize:

  • An optimized layout, design, and navigation engineered to help you find what you need quickly and easily
  • New website packages and affordable pricing geared toward businesses of all sizes, needs, and types
  • Informative and accessible blogs, FAQs, and other valuable resources placed prominently throughout the site, providing cybersecurity awareness tips and training
  • Extensive product and platform information empowering customers to make the most informed decisions that best suit their cybersecurity needs

New Packages With Pricing

Cyberattacks are an ever-evolving threat, and they’re only becoming more common—and destructive. To protect your data and your business, implementing cybersecurity best practices is no longer optional, it is imperative As cyberthreats become increasingly prevalent, research shows that the overall demand for cybersecurity solutions is expected to increase over the next three to five years.

Cyberattacks are especially detrimental to small businesses. In addition to the costs incurred from site downtime, security breaches cause substantial reputational damage and erode trust between you and your customers. A staggering 60% of small businesses close after enduring a security breach. Your data—and your customers’ data—is too important to leave unprotected.

The benefits of choosing one of our security packages are substantial. Customers can choose from four new website security packages and affordable pricing options tailored to different business sizes, needs, and types. If customers need assistance with their products, they can reference our help center or one of our FAQs placed throughout our revamped website to quickly and efficiently get an answer, without having to call or chat our support team. The redesign features detailed product details and descriptions to help customers make the right decision for their individual needs. Plus, our updated shopping cart functionality streamlines the online purchase experience, making checkout a breeze.

Looking Ahead

As cyberthreats evolve and cybercrime continues to rise, taking proactive cybersecurity measures to protect your data and your business is essential. SiteLock joined the Sectigo family with a shared commitment to delivering best-in-class security solutions that safeguard businesses worldwide. As part of Sectigo, SiteLock is bolstering its position as an industry leader in website security, and we are excited to offer end-users the best in solutions, education, expertise, and resources they need to make informed decisions about protecting their online assets.

SiteLock customers can look forward to accessing an even broader range of scalable, affordable, and reliable website security offerings, all through a single trusted vendor. Customers can also expect to receive the exceptional 24/7 customer support that has always been synonymous with the SiteLock brand. As always, SiteLock will offer unmatched website security expertise and formidable, proactive web security solutions that defend your website against today’s threats and tomorrow’s.

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