How to Lose a Customer in Four Seconds

March 17, 2015 in Small Business

Remember the days when you could stop to make your morning coffee while waiting for a website to load? How about the times you wondered if your Internet was down because a picture took more than a few minutes to render? In the time it’s taken you to read this beautifully crafted intro, some websites will have lost precious traffic because their load time was over four seconds. Customers will wait — at most — 15 seconds, then leave your site and never come back. This may not seem like a big deal, but it has fiscal impacts on businesses of all sizes. Research by Kissmetrics revealed that even one second page delay could potentially cost businesses $2.5 million in sales every year.

The best way to increase website speeds, save money, protect your reputation and improve your search rank is to deploy a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A CDN is a network of servers located in different geographical locations. These servers work together to deliver cached web content to users based on their locations. The closer the CDN is to the user, the faster the site will load for them.

content delivery network

How CDNs Work

Let’s say your business is located in New York, but your site is being accessed by someone in Brisbane, Australia. Instead of delivering content from your server in New York, content is delivered to them by the data center in Sydney, decreasing load time and server load. This is possible because the data center in Sydney stores a cached version of your website from the New York server. Even if you make an update to your website in New York, the Sydney data center will update periodically throughout the day (e.g., the SiteLock® TrueSpeed CDN dynamically caches content every five minutes) to ensure the latest information is served to your global customers.

CDN Benefits

As a business, this helps by:

  • Increasing website speed by an average of 50%
  • Distributing loads on your main server to multiple servers in different locations
  • Improving user experiences which can lead to increased page views
  • Optimizing search engine results by dynamically caching your site’s HTML

Having a global CDN is a great start, but visitors to your site still might not be 100% secure. The SiteLock TrueShield Web Application Firewall, accompanied by TrueSpeed CDN technology, provides protection to efficiently block harmful requests and at the same time increases website speed to maximize its performance. Sign up for SiteLock today and say goodbye to the days of painfully slow websites.

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