It’s World Password Day! 5 Tips For Creating/Managing Secure Passwords

May 3, 2018 in SiteLock News


Here at SiteLock, we loooove strong passwords! Join in the World Password Day festivities by changing your passwords today! Sound like more pain than fun? Here are 5 tips on creating and managing the most secure password like a pro!

1. Create The Most Secure Password.

A strong password is your first layer of defense from hackers. Stay away from using names (like the name of your pets), birthdates, 12345 or “password” (LOL?). When websites and apps ask you to use a combination of numbers, lowercase/uppercase letters and symbols, they’re trying to help you create the most secure password. The harder your password is to remember (or guess), the harder it is to for a bot to crack.

2. Use Unique Passwords.

Use UNIQUE passwords for every one of your accounts. Check out the website Have I Been Pwned to see if your password is on the list of known breaches. Bots are smart! If one of your passwords is hacked and you’re using that same password across many places, they can easily scan hundreds or thousands of other sites to try out that same combination. Use different passwords on email, social media and banking sites.

3. Never share logins.

Everyone should have their own unique login and password on all websites, whether it’s a site you subscribe to or your own site that you admin. For example, I commonly see just one login – “Admin” – amongst site owners that everyone in the organization uses to log in. This makes it easy for unauthorized people to perform tasks they shouldn’t be and harder to for you track malicious activity when it does happen. Fortunately, WordPress has multiple user levels for you to pick from including Subscriber, Editor, Author, and Admin. Give each member of your organization their own login to the website, based on the minimum privileges they need to do their job.

4. Use a Password Manager.

If chosen correctly, the most secure password can be difficult to steal – but also difficult to remember. But don’t let that stop you, because there’s a very simple answer – use a password manager, like LastPass or KeePass. They will help you create complex and strong passwords, plus they auto save the passwords so you don’t have to remember them all. They even have browser and smartphone apps to make it easy to use strong passwords everywhere. The most secure password, is the one even you don’t know.

5. Use 2 Factor Authentication.

Double up on protection with 2 Factor Authentication(2FA). This means that, in addition to a strong password, you add another authentication step to gain access. Adding another level of security on your WordPress site and smart devices locks down your data like a fortress.

  • Single-Use Code (Sent via phone text, email or app)
    Single use codes are generated and either sent to your phone, email or app. Once you’ve confirmed the login on another device, you gain access to the site.
  • Fingerprint ID
    This feature is now available on most smartphones, and many other devices are following suit. Logging in with your thumbprint is a quick way to ensure that only you are able to gain access.
  • USB Token
    This is an actual USB tool you keep with you, and plug into your device when you are ready to log in. This is powerful, high-end protection to physically authenticate users. Google, Facebook, Dropbox, and more all support USB keys.

With these five tips in hand, you’re ready to celebrate World Password Day in style with the most secure password. Now get out there and beef up those passwords! Your data will thank you.

– Jamie

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