How To Sell Security On Value Not Fear

September 30, 2021 in Channel Partnerships, Hosting Providers

Selling security solutions is not always an easy task. In fact, the most common advice online for how to sell security products is using fear to sell products. The problem is, when you sell from a fear-based mindset, it’s more likely you will turn off your end-user rather than convince them they need what you are selling.

In this post, we intend to give you advice that actually works. Whether you’re a managed service provider, IT consultant, or value added reseller, we hope the words that follow inspire you to rethink your tactics for selling security solutions.

Why Fear Has Been A Common Sales Tactic

Admittedly, using fear to sell products for website security may seem like the easiest path to success. After all, why would anyone purchase a burglar alarm if they weren’t concerned that their property might at some point be broken into? It’s why fear-based sales is an old tactic that has long been the go-to for many companies selling security products.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t state that fear does create a sense of urgency making people think about the consequences of not buying the product you’re selling. And, this tactic can result in sales. However, using fear to sell products is actually counterproductive in the long run. Buying with a sense of urgency can often leave your customer with a sour taste about your company.

It can leave them feeling as though they have been scammed, which could result in refund requests and non-renewals for products. The better choice for selling security solutions is to come to your customer from a place of education instead. While the threats are very real, giving your customer all the facts will allow them to arrive at the conclusion to purchase your products from a feeling of empowerment rather than panic.

How To Sell Security Products The Right Way

Selling security solutions can still be easy when you share the value of your product. Make it clear to your customer that they are purchasing more than just a security product. They are purchasing round the clock service, protection of their online assets, and peace of mind.

You can also add value by educating your customers on ways to protect their websites without even making a purchase. For example, you could create content that teaches the consumer the latest in cyber security best practices, or simple tips they can implement to reduce the risk of being hacked or infected with malware. Knowledge that is common to your staff and the people in your industry isn’t necessarily common to your customers.

If you’re a website hosting provider, perhaps you could create an entire series of educational content that walks the user through building their website and setting up their defenses using a mix of both the security solutions you’re selling as well as those that are freely available. Offering education without expectation sets you up not only as a company of value, but as a subject matter expert in your field. Add to that the fact you’re offering education regardless of whether the conversation ends in a sale, and you instantly become more likeable, trustworthy, and respected.

Set your company up as a consulting and education provider and selling security solutions almost takes care of itself. If you offer more than one security solution you could also create a bundle at a discount to give your customers even more value for their dollar. Implement a quality sales funnel into the mix and leads can start trickling in on autopilot. Your blogs, social media posts, and other content could drive traffic to free classes and digital downloads. Add a simple form that captures customer details, and you’ll be well on your way to building a qualified lead list that you can build a relationship within the hopes of landing more sales.

With a little effort, selling security solutions is possible without fear. Want to learn how to sell security products easily to your customers and end users? Visit our channel partners page today.

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