How Secure Is The Cloud?

These days, many companies and individuals are looking for a way to store data such as images, audio files, and documents virtually so they can access them from anywhere with an internet connection. Enter the cloud – the storage solution most people turn to as an easy method for backing up all the files they would rather not lose.

The questions for most people looking into these types of storage solutions are:

  • How secure is the cloud?
  • What cloud security threats should I be aware of?
  • And, is there a way to prevent cloud security issues/cloud security challenges?

We’re addressing what you need to know below:

What Are the Common Cloud Security Threats?

The most common cloud security issues are: data loss, unauthorized access/breaches, and data leaks. Some of the preferred methods of reducing the risk of cloud security challenges include: limiting user access, implementing stronger passwords and multi-factor authentication, and encrypting data before you ever load it to your cloud service provider (CSP). This isn’t enough to keep your data completely secure, but it’s a good start.

The Robust Security of a CSP

How secure is the cloud service provider you’re using? This likely won’t surprise you, but not all CSPs are alike. Some have stronger security measures in place than others. It’s for that reason some institutions opt for building their own private cloud storage solutions, or at the minimum using a hybrid solution to at least control most of the security themselves. If you are using a third-party CSP, you need to understand their level of encryption, if they will help you meet security compliance standards relevant to your industry, your level of security responsibility, how they will support your unique needs, etc…

Prevent General and Atypical Cloud Security Issues

The best answer to the question “how secure is the cloud?,” is that it’s only as secure as the measures you put in place to prevent data loss and unauthorized entry to your CSP. When you approach your cloud security threats from a proactive rather than a reactive frame of mind, you’re more likely to make better decisions. Thinking about the prevalent risks now, before there is a problem, makes it easier to prevent something from happening in the first place.

This requires taking actions such as:

  • Thoroughly vetting your CSP
  • Reducing the number of people who can access your storage files and limiting user controls so that only those who need access to specific data can gain entry
  • Defining and enforcing stringent security protocols with personnel
  • Using web application firewalls to block malicious traffic
  • Backing up data off-site to avoid total loss in the event of a breach
  • Penetration testing to ensure nefarious outsiders can’t get in

Help Your Users Address Questions Like “How Secure is the Cloud?”

If you’re looking for a means of helping your users with cloud security threats, SiteLock can help. We’re in the business of rooting out cloud security challenges and presenting solutions that can assist in keeping data safe. Learn more about partnering with SiteLock today.

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