Cloud Security Best Practices

Once an individual or organization makes the decision to use a cloud service provider, the question of how to keep your data safe may come to mind. After all, when files containing sensitive information are being loaded to the internet, it’s important to make sure this content is only accessed by authorized users. With that in mind, below are several cloud security best practices that should be considered to keep your data protected.

Find a Provider You Can Trust

When it comes to cloud based cyber security, you really can’t be too careful when selecting your cloud service provider (CSP). Look at things like security measures offered, standards compliance capabilities, service level, and manageability. Also ask questions such as how much time will you have to spend, and if you will share responsibility for the implementation of your cloud based cyber security? Whoever you choose as your CSP, make sure to read your contracts thoroughly so you have a thorough understanding of expectations and deliverability.

Train Personnel in Security Protocols

The key reason for including this step in our cloud security best practices is that the safety of your cloud storage begins with the people who will be using it. For example, if you require your users to log out at the end of every work day, leaving the system logged in could result in unauthorized users gaining access to something they are not supposed to see.

Don’t Give Everyone Access

You likely know that not everyone needs administrative access. However, you also don’t need to give everyone access to all system files. Compartmentalizing could be a simple way of reducing risks in your cloud based cyber security.

Encrypt Files Prior to Upload

As an added measure of protection in your cloud based cyber security, you could encrypt files before loading them to your CSP. This way, if somehow data is intercepted, it will be that much harder for the interceptor to read it.

Use Strong Passwords

This isn’t just sound advice for cloud security best practices, it’s a good idea to use stronger passwords for accounts on all systems and applications.

We’ve barely scratched the surface in terms of methods you can use to enhance your cloud based cyber security. Hopefully it has inspired you to look at your own protocols and determine your own best practices for keeping your data safe.

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