Airspeed-Wireless Safeguards Their Website with SiteLock [Case Study]

November 2, 2016

Company Background

Tony Spiridigliozzi is the founder of the successful eCommerce website The website features security, wireless, switching products, IP cameras and VoIP phones. Its mission is to offer quality Cisco and Meraki products at low prices with exceptional customer service. has been recognized for its success and earned the Small and Midsize Business Specialization from Cisco and Certified Meraki Network Associate designation. does not have a brick and mortar store and relies solely on online traffic for income. “My website is indispensable to the success of our company,” says Spiridigliozzi. If the website is compromised, customers cannot reach the site and therefore cannot purchase products.

Serious Challenges

Spiridigliozzi has always put an emphasis on security for his websites, “Security protects my customers and it helps protect me from liability if their information is compromised.” When cybercriminals began to target last year, he became alarmed. Spiridigliozzi took an investigative approach and soon determined the attacks were coming from an IP address in Iran. His host-provided security options were limited so instead he blocked the malicious IP, hoping it would solve the problem. Unfortunately it did not and the hacking attempts continued. Spiridigliozzi’s constant vigilance kept the hacker from doing any damage but he realized he needed a better, more effective solution.

After the experience, Spiridigliozzi began researching security services to protect his website from future attacks. During the process Spiridigliozzi was attacked again, this time on a website he was developing. The new attack came from an IP address in Morocco. The hacker injected malware into the newly developed site and taunted Spiridigliozzi by engaging him in online chat. Spiridigliozzi input the username into Google and discovered the hacker had ties to a cybercriminal network in Malaysia. With a renewed sense of urgency he reached out to SiteLock for a solution.

Solution and Result

SiteLock understood that with an eCommerce website like, time is money. And this website was being aggressively targeted. A successful breach could result in Spiridigliozzi’s website being blacklisted by Google, and that meant money lost. SiteLock sprung into action and began cleaning up

SiteLock recommended their highest level of scanning services be installed on Spiridigliozzi’s website. The SiteLock® INFINITY™ package includes SiteLock® SMART™ (Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool). SMART scans 24/7/365 to identify and automatically remove malware. The INFINITY package also includes SiteLock Expert Services, which allows manual removal of any especially challenging malware injections. Today, INFINITY scans an average of 2,501 files everyday on and has discovered no new malware since it was installed.

SiteLock also wanted to provide Spiridigliozzi with a preventative solution. They installed the SiteLock® TrueShield™ Enterprise Web Application Firewall (WAF) on This top tier WAF blocks bad bots, the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 threats, backdoor connections and meets PCI standards. The PCI standard compliance is especially important as Spiridigliozzi is required to meet PCI specifications in order to accept credit cards on his eCommerce website. Since it was installed, TrueShield has blocked 9,478 malicious threats, five SQLi attempts, and 27 visitors from blacklisted IP addresses.

Spiridigliozzi is grateful for the upgraded security, “The SiteLock suite of security tools now allows me to be more proactive in preventing unwanted visitors and bots from accessing my website, the dashboard gives me an immediate indication of any problems and I also receive email alerts if there are any issues.” has continued to be a successful eCommerce website and now proudly displays the SiteLock Trust Seal. “I highly recommend SiteLock to small and medium business owners,” said Spiridigliozzi, “SiteLock has given me more peace of mind.”

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