Bluedge Business Solutions Seeks Help From SiteLock [Case Study]

August 23, 2016

Company Background

Darin Wilson founded Bluedge Business Solutions in 2010 after several friends and colleagues reached out to him for help with their businesses. Bluedge is a comprehensive marketing and business development firm specializing in marketing, branding and planning for companies of all sizes. Wilson stands by the Bluedge philosophy for each of his clients: create an effective three-tier marketing plan by synchronizing the client’s goals, sales plan and tactics.

Wilson’s website,, is the face of his firm. The site provides visitors with information about the company’s services and project portfolio. Prospecting clients visit to read and request information. It is very important to Wilson’s business that the site is available to his visitors at all times.

The Challenge

Wilson’s expertise lies in marketing and sales. When it comes to the development of his website, he hires developers. Before SiteLock, Bluedge Business Solutions did not have website security in place beyond the help of his developers.

“I knew I needed to incorporate a website security plan into my business, but I just never got around to doing so,” Wilson says. “One day my hosting provider informed me of security issues and vulnerabilities on my website. That’s when I was referred to SiteLock.”

Finding a Solution

The SiteLock website scanner was placed on As the name suggests, the scan provides a comprehensive scan of Wilson’s entire site. This includes a complete malware, network, spam, SQL injection, and cross-site scripting scan. With this scan, Wilson is alerted immediately if suspicious code or vulnerabilities are found.

Malware is a constant recurring website issue seen at SiteLock. Since the 360-degree scan was placed on, over 400 pages and 600 links are scanned each day for traces of malicious signatures and links. SiteLock reviewed the scan’s statistics over a 30-day time frame and found that over 15,000 pages and 20,000 links were thoroughly examined for malware.

“SiteLock explained the situation to me and within a few hours, my website was fixed,” says Wilson. With SiteLock, Wilson can be certain of when and where malware and vulnerabilities enter his website. In addition to his own website, Wilson now uses SiteLock for all of his clients’ sites, providing them with additional, needed website security—and peace of mind.

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