5 Must-Read Cybersecurity Websites

April 21, 2015 in SiteLock News
Cyber Monday

There’s no doubt that cybersecurity is on the rise. As the world continues to experience data breaches, more and more of these stories have been filling headlines.

With so much cybersecurity overage, it can be difficult to sort through the noise and identify the most important stories. That said, we’ve put together a list of the top five must-read websites that you should add to your daily reading list:

Dark Reading

Dark Reading is InformationWeek’s online cybersecurity publication, focusing on enterprise security. This website covers everything from breaches to compliance and cloud security. It’s worth adding to your reading list if you want the latest in both cybersecurity news and insight from key industry leaders.

Government Technology

Government Technology, also known as GovTech, covers a wide range of technology topics for the public government sector, on both state and local levels. Topics range from network IT to applications, but one of GovTech’s most interesting sections is security which covers government-related data breaches, cybersecurity companies in the government sector and strategy and insight from government leaders.

OTA Blog

The OTA (Online Trust Alliance) is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing online trust and empowering users, while promoting internet innovation. OTA’s blog features the latest cyber security legislation news, insight from key thought leaders and general cybersecurity news that consumers need to know.


CIO covers several technology topics for Chief Information Officers and other IT leaders, and has been around since the 1980’s (but is now mostly in digital format). CIO’s security section is a great place for IT leaders to get the latest news on what’s happening in the enterprise cybersecurity world, and also features white papers/case studies on cybersecurity from key companies like HP and Rackspace.


SecurityWeek is similar to the aforementioned publications in that it covers the latest general cybersecurity news, but it also has a great section that focuses on features and insights from key industry leaders. Topics include phishing, malware, fraud and network security.

Keeping a pulse on the ever growing threat landscape is difficult, but education is imperative. The more consumers and business people alike know about the very real cybersecurity threat, the better equipped we can all be to handle protecting our investments and mitigating risk.

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