3 Ways to Show Your Website Some Love

February 14, 2019 in Small Business

For many people, a website is a work of passion that gets countless hours of attention. For others, it is something they set and forget. However, if we all show our website more love by actively focusing on website improvements, we are rewarded with better site performance. With that in mind, let’s look at three top ways to show your website some love.

3 Website Improvements Your Site Needs to Feel the Love

If you’re looking to increase your website performance, there are three key website improvements you need to address. They are securing it against potential threats, regularly updating your content, and ensuring a fresh web design.

1. Your website should be protected against cybercriminals

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but bad bots can break your site. Okay, so that’s not how the familiar verse from grade school goes, but the reality is no one likes to be picked on, and your website is the same. It doesn’t want bullies (read cybercriminals) to attack it, so it’s your job to protect it.

How can you protect your website?

  • Review website and blog comments as you update your content. The more frequently you are working on your site, the faster you will notice if anything is amiss. This simple act of checking under your digital hood is a small but helpful step in monitoring the security of your website.
  • Speaking of malware, if you suspect your website may be compromised or at risk, we’d recommend a malware scanner to scan for and remove it from your website.
  • Finally, an additional way to protect your website is with a web application firewall. This will instantly stop malicious traffic to your website, and block potential threats.

2. Your website needs regular content updates

You might wonder what the big deal is about content. Can’t you just create a website, and leave it alone? Well, the truth is you could do that, but we don’t recommend it. It’s best to update your content so your website doesn’t get stale or outdated, which can hurt your credibility.

For example, let’s say that you’re still advertising old prices on your website simply because you haven’t updated your content in a while. As soon as someone asks for that old price, if you don’t give it to them, it might impact the trust of that potential client and cost you a sale. According to Visigility, outdated website copy can also tell your visitors you don’t care, or even make them think you have gone out of business entirely.

How and why to keep your content updated:

  • Add new copy and update old posts or pages to help increase your search engine rankings. Search engines want to provide users the most current material, so if you’re regularly updating your content, your website will reward you by boosting where you appear in search results.
  • An added benefit of regular content updates is website visitors will be less likely to leave due to outdated information.
    • When visitors navigate away from your website after only viewing one page it’s called a “bounce.” SEO Hermit says that a high bounce rate (several people leaving your site after visiting only one page) can also hurt your search engine rankings because it tells websites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo that your website content isn’t beneficial to visitors.
  • Finally, give your visitors a reason to return by adding fresh content updates.
    • Perhaps your website is not for a business but is an informational page like a blog. If you aren’t regularly updating your content, your visitors might stop coming because you don’t have new information to give them. If instead, you update your content frequently, you’ll be rewarded with return visitors as well as new ones.

3. Give your website a makeover by freshening up the design

At first blush, freshening up your design might seem like it’s not as important as other website improvements may be. Then again, nothing tells a visitor just how much you care about your website quite like its design.

As Design Shack states, your website’s design is the first thing your visitors will see. First impressions matter for credibility, likability, to keep visitors coming back, and ultimately sales. According to Design Shack, some of the elements you need to make a good impression are a defined color palette, text that is easy to read, concise and targeted copy, simple navigation, and great branding.

When freshening up your design, here are a few of the things you may want to consider:

  • Update the colors and fonts to make your site more readable, and easier on the eyes
    • This can also show your visitors that you’re in tune with current trends instead of being stuck in the 90s. We’re looking at you splash pages overloaded with bright colors, weird fonts, and a plethora of popups.
  • Clear out unused plugins and themes, and update the ones you still are using to improve website performance
  • Add fresh photos and delete outdated ones
    • A quick word on photos: If you have too many photos on your website, they could slow it down. The photographs you load to your website should be compressed/web ready to improve load time. In fact, your site should load in under 5 seconds or your visitors may bounce.
  • Increase white space and remove clutter for a better user experience
    • If you have too many photos on your site, an excessive number of links, and/or multiple navigation bars, it might be time to streamline. In other words, if it’s too difficult to navigate quickly on your site, or if it’s too time-consuming to find what someone is looking for, your visitors can become frustrated and leave.

Ready to show your website more love and improve its performance? Start with a free website security risk assessment to find out how likely it is to be compromised by cybercriminals.

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