Secure Data

By encrypting your browser session you prevent cybercriminals from gaining access to sensitive data.

Unrestricted Access

Safely browse while traveling abroad, without worrying about regional restrictions.

Increased Productivity

Securely connect to public Wi-Fi networks and remotely access company resources.

Easy to Manage

SiteLock VPN provides a simple and intuitive user management center and quick deployment.

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$9.99 /license

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2 Year

$95.76 /license

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1 Year

$71.88 /license

Save 40% compared to monthly
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What is a VPN?

We conduct more personal and professional business in public places than ever before. Unfortunately, anyone else on the same public network as you can easily see the sites you access and information you transmit. A VPN (virtual private network) allows you to initiate anonymous, encrypted browsing sessions over any network connection. You can conduct business with confidence over a VPN, assured that you are protected from prying eyes on public networks.

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SiteLock VPN benefits & features

No activity logs

VPN will not track or store your browsing history or reveal what data you’re sending.

IP lock

With IPLock, you’re assigned a new IP address at random, every time, and you can appear as if you are coming from anywhere in the world.

DNS leak protection

DNS leak protection provides an extra layer of privacy by securing your initial connection to a website, preventing the leakage of valuable information.

High speed network

With 1000+ servers in 40+ locations you get access to one of the fastest VPN’s available.

Unlimited usage

Connect to any SiteLock VPN server anytime, without data restrictions or download caps.

24/7 US-based support

Your VPN comes backed by help and support regardless of time of day: call, email, or live chat.24/7/365.

What is website

You have an SSL certificate on your site, so what else do you need? Most people don’t realize that SSL encryption only protects data being transfered between your site and its visitors - it doesn’t protect your website itself. To make sure your site is protected from malware and cyberattacks, you need website security too.

At SiteLock, we provide robust, industry-leading anti-malware technology presented in a simple, easy-to-use dashboard that makes securing your site a snap. Partner with us to get some peace of mind while you focus on building your business.

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