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I am a newborn and family lifestyle photographer. I was definitely very naive before experiencing this hack, I was just, you know, a little small photographer on the internet who doesn't have anything that I would think would be susceptible, that hackers would be interested in. When I called SiteLock at ten o'clock in the evening after getting the process started and moving forward with them, by the time I woke up at eight o'clock in the morning I had emails saying that they had cleared everything out, that my website was restored and I went back online and it was like, as if nothing had ever happened (laughs). And it like, that ease of mind, you know, was worth everything. - My business provides custom websites for companies of all sizes. When I sit down with an owner, whenever I talk about security, I always bring up SiteLock. During that time, it's important for them to understand how vulnerable all sites are, not just large companies, any site out there is vulnerable, and every site out there is being targeted to some degree. SiteLock allows me to focus on my business and generate more sales instead of worrying about security and malware. - We are a whale-watching company, and we run whale-watching cruises from April through October out of Barnstable Harbor on Cape Cod. I called SiteLock and I was a wreck. I mean my responsibility is to keep the website up and running, I'm responsible for the content, for the functionality of the website, but I'm not an IT person. It was a revelation to me that I could call a technology company and get the kind of response that I got from SiteLock. There was a live person who answered the phone, and a person with the technical expertise to help me who could look at my situation and know and determine what the problem was and what needed to be done to resolve it. I really appreciate SiteLock, I appreciate the way they take care of their customers, the personal attention that I get, and knowing that their services are going to protect our company from another hack, another invasion of malware.

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  • A photographer discovered malware late one night, and woke up to a clean website the next morning.
  • Keeping 125 client websites safe used to be a challenge. Now this developer can focus less on security and more on running his business.
  • A whale watching company stopped a cyberattack that threatened to ruin its busy season.

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Customer Testimonials

It only took one file of malware to infect my website and shut it down. I called SiteLock and they were extremely quick in restoring my website before the malware could impact my visitors and business. I now have peace of mind knowing my website and business are protected at all times. If you don't have SiteLock...get it!

T. Steiner

The rep I spoke to understood my difficult situation, took the time the explain the 'compare all packages' section of your website and was with me for like 30 min - that's CRAZY! I have been in business for 15 years and nobody has showed that kind of support.
I am recommending all my website owners join SiteLock. Thanks for making a difficult situation where I felt helpless, so good!You guys deserve a WEBBY Award!

E. Melendez

I wanted to take a moment and commend your employee. They are an excellent representative for your company! They LISTENED to everything I had to say before making suggestions or assumptions and quickly resolved my problem with the utmost confidence and knowledge.

D. Payne

I received an email saying I had a 'Vulnerability Detected On Your Website' – and had 72 hours to correct it. It was pretty scary – especially for someone not so tech savvy. The SiteLock representative was terrific! Very knowledgeable and so clear in the way they explained everything – a great balance of not talking down to me and also not reverting to 'geek speak' that I wouldn't understand. They gave me options and were very patient with all my questions.

C. Regan-Blake

Your customer service representative provided exemplary service. I very much appreciated their patience, understanding, and attentiveness when they took my call last night and I did not want his great customer service to go unrecognized. Best regards!

J. Carlino

I greatly appreciate the personal service I received from one of your reps. She went above and beyond to help remove malware from my website.Her calm attitude put me at ease and helped reassure me that SiteLock is on top of helping me address my website security issues.

E. Fluker

The service provided by SiteLock was outstanding. I haven't received service like that from any other company, ever! The representatives I worked with were extremely friendly,knowledgeable and patient.I feel great about my decision to work with SiteLock.I really appreciate receiving such outstanding and personal customer service.

D. Crim

I greatly appreciate the time that my customer service representative spent with me to get my website figured out.He is an example for others to follow, and it makes me feel great about doing business with SiteLock.

M. Costigan

I'm sending this email to let you know how lucky I was to work with one of your representatives. I've been suffering from a malware nightmare and he really helped me out.I'm incredibly pleased with the service I received, and I want to make sure he is recognized.His service has been exceptional and it came when I needed it most.

P. Richie

Once again, SiteLock has come up trumps.The representative I worked with handled my situation with humor, friendliness and efficiency!I have had nothing but good experiences with SiteLock.I am very grateful.

J. Ehrlich

The SiteLock representative I worked showed exemplary service.Even though he reiterated that, 'he was only doing his job', in my opinion, he was doing something very special. He helped solve my problem and stayed in touch with me to ensure my site was cleaned.Your representative is a rockstar.

G. Pappa

The SiteLock representative I worked with was great!She was clear with me, without being pushy.She is at least the second person I've worked with at SiteLock who has been fantastic!


I’m writing this email to let you know that your employee provided me with outstanding customer service during all communication regarding some domain and email issues we’ ve been experiencing.He did an amazing job and directed my call to the appropriate department, making sure I would be assisted and, unexpectedly, followed up to check on how my issue was resolved.This is something not everybody does.

P. Miller

The customer service rep I worked with was professional, extremely helpful, polite and an absolute pleasure to deal with.He made the stress of malware on my blog much better to deal with and I was very happy with everything he organized for me.

L. Shavak

Security is not a problem any longer.My website host has corrected the problem and I now have a SiteLock stamp on my homepage.My SiteLock rep was effective, efficient and loyal to making SiteLock shine and retain customers.Kudos.

M. Madrazo

Our clients are referred from multi-million dollar corporations, and therefore we must be able to perform to million-dollar standards to maintain their trust. And, we have to do that on a nonprofit 'shoestring' budget. After experiencing an unplanned loss of service during a routine server swap, I wanted to move fast to ensure nothing more serious or malicious ever happened... The best thing about Sitelock is their people power. My representative was very professional. He was knowledgeable, invested in my needs.

C. Collins-Fadel

My website was shut down by Google because someone was using my website for spam e-mails. This is when I called SiteLock. Since SiteLock, I have not had any problems with Google shutting me down. I feel more confident that I can once again promote my sites and they will stay secure.

C. Worthington

Having a proactive website security solution in place is absolutely necessary. You have to protect your content. You have to protect the investment you make in your intellectual property, your skills and the expertise that you are seeking to establish through your website. It’s hard to put a price on confidence and peace of mind, but that is what I have knowing SiteLock is on the job.

T. Grant

I'd like to commend the outstanding customer service provided by my SiteLock representative. He provided invaluable options to resolve my cyber security vulnerabilities for our site. He was thoroughly knowledgeable, extremely patient, and totally committed to resolving my problems... I especially appreciated that he made me aware of SiteLock's discounts for 501(c)3's. I can't tell how much that means to our charity. THANK YOU!

R. Gemcow

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"I was scared to think about how the malware impacted the website. I was concerned that I was the cause of malware spreading to my audience."


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"It gives me peace of mind, it's one less thing to worry about and frees up more of my time to spend on meeting my client's needs."


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"Security protects my customers and it helps protect me from liability if their information is compromised."


Online retailer of wireless technologies

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"When I called and asked for my account manager, I actually got her, not just the next support person in line...there were no misunderstandings and no delays."

Future Past Fifty

Community resources for seniors

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