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SiteLock Releases Custom Rendition of "The Twelve Days of Christmas"

A Satirical yet Educational Video about Online Risks and Website Security

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA — December 17, 2013

SiteLock LLC (, a global leader in website security and PCI Compliance, announced today that in the midst of all the serious online threats, particularly at this time of year, they are introducing a lighter side of the story, and taking a humorous yet educational approach to website security awareness. The message is delivered in their video “The 12 Days of Christmas, by SiteLock.”

The final chorus, so as to spare readers the continuous build of each verse, goes like this: “On the twelfth day of Christmas a hacker gave to me, twelve search ranks-a-dropping, eleven bills outstanding, ten days blacklisted, nine threatening letters, eight phishers phishing, seven spammers spamming, six zombie botnets, five days offline…four angry shoppers, three banking Trojans, two drive-by downloads and a bad case of anxiety.”

Throughout the video, captions educate viewers on the meaning and impact of online threats, such as, “A drive-by download is a program that is automatically installed on your computer when you go to a booby-trapped website,” and “some botnets have included more than 10 million infected computers.” At the same time, the element of fun is introduced in captions like, “referred to by meat historians as the Guggenham, Hormel’s SPAM Museum gets 100,000 visitors each year.”

“We know that website owners have a great deal of stress to manage, in addition to running their business, during the holidays and as they close the year,” states Neill Feather, President of SiteLock. “And we think that they can use a bit of comic relief while we help them understand how they can protect their businesses and customers.”

While presented much like a comedy sketch, the video will have viewers laughing but also remembering the message of importance of having website security. The video can be seen here:

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