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SiteLock Reveals Website Features Associated With Increased Likelihood of Cyberattacks


Each year, over 760,000 websites are breached, resulting in the compromise of highly sensitive and private information including financial records, customer data, email communications, and photos. This National Cyber Security Awareness Month, SiteLock advocates the importance of being #CyberAware with the publication of new website security data.

SiteLock scans over six million websites and web applications daily. To raise awareness about the need for increased website protection and dispel common misperceptions about cyber security, the company shared proprietary data revealing a distinct correlation between website popularity and an increased likelihood of cyberattacks.

Often considered a company's most valuable asset, a strategically developed website is key to increasing profitability, establishing credibility, and building valuable brand equity. In order to achieve these objectives, many websites offer highly engaging and complex features such as social media, ecommerce and custom web applications. However, as more popular "bells and whistles" are added, website vulnerability is significantly amplified.


The more popular a website and its applications, the greater the risk of security threats. For example, a website is 2.5 times more likely to be compromised than the average website if it links to a Twitter account that has 10,000-20,000+ Twitter followers. A website with 10-20 plug-ins is two times more likely to be hacked, while a site with 20 or more plug-ins is three times more likely to be compromised. Even more concerning, certain combinations of features will further increase a websites risk, up to 12 times more than the average.

Playing Defense

Whether a small business, a large enterprise, or an individual managing your social media platforms and countless daily online interactions, you can be #CyberAware and protect your digital assets.

This month, take stock of your security solutions by knowing what to look for. There are clear warning signs that a cyberattack is underway, from slow load speeds to questionable data and obvious spam. For example, backdoor files account for 40 percent of all malware infections and give hackers the ability to alter a site's content.

Be vigilant about security. By identifying and implementing the right security solutions, you can significantly decrease your risk of external threats. Use a website scanner to check for malware and vulnerabilities on your site. You will be alerted if the scanner finds anything suspicious or malicious, and some scanners will find and automatically remove malware. A web application firewall (WAF) can help block attacks from automated bots or human attackers.

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