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SiteLock Affiliate Program

Join our zero-committment program today to provide valuable cybersecurity solutions while making generous commissions.

Join the Leading Affiliate Program Focused On Cybersecurity
As an affiliate marketer, you look to partner with popular brands featuring products with high demand, commissions, and appeal. Look no further than the SiteLock Affiliate Program!
As a leader in comprehensive cybersecurity solutions and boasting more than 400 partners worldwide, SiteLock offers a complete cloud-based portfolio that protects revenue, reputation, and customer data while increasing website speed and uptime. Whether you sell to businesses or direct to consumers, SiteLock delivers the strategies, best practices, support, and marketing resources needed to boost revenue and ensure ongoing success.
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SiteLock Affiliate Program Benefits
Affiliate Portal
SiteLock affiliates receive direct access to our affiliate portal, which allows you to track leads, view daily clicks, track commissions and request custom marketing materials.
Account Manager
Every SiteLock affiliate is assigned a dedicated account manager that is committed to helping you succeed and is available to answer any questions you might have from set-up to best practices.
Global Reach
SiteLock affiliates can run campaigns at a global level, so the world is your playground! This allows you access to generate traffic, conversions and revenue from all corners of the earth.
Generous Commissions
The most successful affiliates are of course the ones cashing the largest commission checks. That’s why SiteLock provides affiliates the most aggressive payouts in the industry.
Industry Leading Products For Our Affiliate Partners
Website Scanner
SiteLock website scanners monitor websites and databases for security issues, including malicious infections, vulnerabilities, and spam listings.
Web Application Firewall (WAF)
A SiteLock WAF is the first line of defense in safeguarding your website from malicious traffic and the industry’s biggest security threats.
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
SiteLock VPN allows employers to secure their communications and encrypt data transmissions.
Automatic Malware Removal
SiteLock solutions provide automatic vulnerability patching and malware detection and removal for your site and database.
Security Awareness Training
Provide employees security education to help prevent data breaches, ransomware and other threats that could put your business at risk.
Website Backup
Backup and restore website files and database with a single click. Minimize downtime, potential lost revenue and ensure business continuity.
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