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Website Security For Law Firms

Confidentiality and trust are cornerstones of the legal profession. Whether it's client details, lead generation, case specifics or firm correspondence—stakeholders put their trust in your firm, and the face of your firm is your website. With cyber attacks on the increase, website protection has never been more important. SiteLock offers a comprehensive suite of products and services to protect your website and your confidential data helping to safeguard against an impending attack.

Here Are Some Facts

At least 80 of the 100 biggest firms in the U.S., by revenue, have been hacked since 2011

The average cost of a breach was

$3.7 million,

while the actual insurance claim range
was huge, from $2,000 to $76 million

There are over 4,000
cyber attacks every day,
about 170 attacks every hour,
or nearly 3 attacks every minute

SiteLock Is Your Website's Best Defense

Partners in Protection

Do you want to ensure client confidence? Partner with SiteLock to secure your website with the Protect & Defend Package. We have developed a cohesive suite of products to best meet your needs. In addition, we offer live 24/7/365 U.S.-based support, so we are available when you need us. Join today and give your clients the peace of mind that their information is safe with you.

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