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30,000 Websites are Hacked Every Day

Don't be the next, join the 12 million who choose SiteLock to protect their website.
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Automatically safeguards small to medium sized owner-operator businesses that use their website to drive phone calls, chats, leads or other activity designed to help grow their organization.
  • Everything in SecureInfo Plus:
  • Removal of existing malware infection
  • Access to team of cybersecurity experts for more complex repairs
  • Blocks Bad Bots (Bad Traffic) at the Domain Level
  • Protects against OWASP Top 10 (Most Popular Hacks)
  • Automatic vulnerability detection for CMS and Popular Plugins
  • Automatic vulnerability patching for CMS and Popular Plugins
billed annually

SecureTransact is designed for businesses that are using their website as a primary method to drive bottom line revenue or companies where their website is the login to their product suite.
  • Everything in SecureConvert
  • Continuous malware monitoring
  • Continuous malware removal
  • Daily XSS vulnerability detection
  • Daily SQLi vulnerability detection
billed annually

SecureConvert is designed for businesses that are investing money in driving traffic to their website, with the hope that traffic takes a conversion action such as a call, chat, form completion or purchase.
  • Everything in SecureGrowth
  • Malware Detection in Databases
  • Malware Removal in Databases
  • DDoS Protection

Plans for Every Website

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The perfect plan for business using their website to drive phone calls and form completions.

Plan Features
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For informational sites with an existing infection or a site used for light lead generation.

Plan Features
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Designed for businesses using their website to drive bottom line revenue

Plan Features
* billed annually
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Why More Websites Trust SiteLock
Automated Security
With the ability to automatically detect and repair malware, CMS vulnerabilities and patch plugins you can rest assured that your site is safe.
Superior Coverage
With a database of 10M+ threats and the ability to detect threats in both standard files and databases, SiteLock provides you with a level of coverage that can't be matched.
Customer Friendly
Our U.S.-based customer service team is available 24/7/365 to assist with security issues and questions.
"SiteLock gives me peace of mind. It's one less thing to worry about and frees up more of my time to spend on meeting my clients' needs."
- S. Ellenfield
The Best in Industry Protection
Peace of Mind
Your business won't suffer from a website compromise. SiteLock is the only website security provider to offer automated malware removal and vulnerability patching.
Protect SEO
Protect your SEO success with malware removal. If search engines find malware on your site, it could be blacklisted and temporarily removed from results.
Enhance Performance
With SiteLock Security you can not only enhance the speed of your site, but boost conversion through the deployment of our trust seal.
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