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Web Application Firewall
Protect your website with our industry leading protection:
  • Prevent and Mitigate DDoS Attacks
  • Block Bad Bots
  • Protect against OWASP top 10
  • Automatically Detect and Remove Malware from Website Files and Databases
  • Increase Site Speed with a Worldwide CDN
  • Automatically Detect and Patch Security Vulnerabilities in Popular CMS And Ecommerce Platforms
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Award Winning WAF Features
OWASP Top 10 Defense
Protects your website from the OWASP top 10 Vulnerabilities by default.
Keep your visitors safe and website online by defending against the most sophisticated DDoS attacks with 99.99 percent accuracy.
PCI-DSS Certified
TrueShield™ is PCI-certified and our network is PCI-compliant. Using SiteLock TrueShield™ will protect your customers data while making it easier than ever to pass the PCI scan.
Industry leading accuracy rates ensure more bad traffic is blocked, no malicious traffic gets through and your valid visitors are unaffected.
Deploy in minutes and automatically protect against threats without impacting site speed or user experience.
Fast Mitigation
We offer a 3-second DDoS mitigation SLA for any attack, of any size or duration. Plus, our scanning solutions automatically detect and remove malware from your source files and database.
Block Cyberthreats with a WAF
Learn how a web application firewall can protect your website and increase your website speed.