WordPress Winning Over Big Brands

March 31, 2016 in Community, WordPress Benefits

WordPress was long regarded as a blogging platform, but in the last few years it has made a name for itself as the development platform for many large-scale websites. Industry titans, such as CNN, eBay, UPS and Dow Jones, all run their websites on the WordPress platform and they are not alone. According to VTLDesign, 75 million websites are now supported by WordPress and make up 55 percent of the top one million most visited sites in the world. Many companies, artists and brands are making the switch to WordPress as their website development platform.

Why Use WordPress?

Quick Website Update and Creation

WordPress gives companies the ability to create templates for new sites and pages that allow them to make website changes quickly and efficiently. BBC America experienced this ease when they combined all of their content management into a WordPress base. Each of the network’s new shows get their own website, which used to be a painstaking process; however, since switching to WordPress, they have found a way to make it virtually painless. According to David Anderson, Senior Product Development Manager at BBC Worldwide, “We’ve gotten the process down from 3 – 5 days to roughly two minutes.”

Diverse and Easy to Use Site Plugins

There are a variety of reasons that large companies, as well as top name artists, such as Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry and the Rolling Stones, are using WordPress1. WordPress offers extreme customizability with over 40,000 different plugins. These range from caching your website with WP Super Cache to adding e-commerce and an online store with WooCommerce, to website security management with SiteLock Plugin for WordPress. Each site can be tailored to perfectly match the brand. With so many options available, companies need to simply find the right plugin and can easily customize their site to meet their needs.

Multiple Authors

WordPress has also been widely praised for its ease of writing and publishing new content, from blog posts to photo galleries. When open.nasa.gov set up their WordPress site, they enabled all 18,000 employees as authors. The ability for any person at NASA to contribute to the blog and website content has streamlined the flow of content to the site, helping NASA achieve its site goal: To be transparent about the projects that NASA is working on.

WordPress offers tools and customization that go above and beyond basic blogging, which make it a force to be reckoned with. The continued innovation provided by a community of hundreds of thousands of people keeps it evolving. More and more websites are switching to WordPress.

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