WordCamp Montreal 2018: 10 Years of WordPress

August 15, 2018 in Community

This year marked the 10th anniversary for WordCamp Montreal, held at the John Molson School of Business, in the heart of the city. SiteLock participated as a Gold sponsor and our own Jamie Schmid was selected to speak about how using staging sites in WordPress can make your web development projects a lot easier.

Our Experience

#WCMTL started with organizers communicating what attendees could expect from the next two days of WordPress knowledge sharing. WC Montreal was very well-organized which isn’t surprising given the long history of this event.

Our Gold sponsor experience was excellent! As soon as registration opened, our booth was busy with people interested in website security. People were curious to know how we Find, Fix, and Prevent malware.

The steady flow of conversations continued over two days, giving us ample opportunity to detail how partnering with SiteLock can increase recurring revenue for any freelance or hosting business.

Don’t Break Live: How Using a Staging Site Can Make Your Life a Lot Easier

On Saturday, SiteLock Community Evangelist Jamie Schmid discussed tips and strategies for keeping your site updated safely by using a Staging site. While many talks and documentation online are geared toward developers, a staging site is by no means only for developers! There are lots of ways for site owners and users to incorporate a basic Staging site in their normal maintenance workflow, and she demonstrated a few in her talk. Head on over to her post, 3 Ways to Create a WordPress Staging Website to find out more!

How to Format Your Text to Help Your Readers

My only complaint about Francesca Marano’s talk was that it isn’t given at every WordCamp or blogging event! If you’ve been creating websites for years, it’s sometimes easy to forget to pay attention to the best practices for creating content online.

Why do websites exist? To provide information with the written word. If your text isn’t easy to read, skimmed or otherwise be consumed easily, then we’re missing the point, aren’t we?

This session served as a great refresher for us “old timers” who may have been ignoring the basics, and a great start to those attendees new to creating websites or blogging.

(Slightly) Advanced Topics In Block Development

If you’re a WordPress developer interested in Gutenberg, the new editor coming to WordPress, it’s likely you’ve seen Josh Pollocks’ development tutorials. He’s a great presenter and talented developer.

Whether it was due to Josh’s reputation or the thirst for Gutenberg knowledge with the Montreal crowd, it was great to see a standing room only crowd at his session! Afterall, Gutenberg IS the future of the WordPress platform and the more developers familiar with how to customize the WordPress editing experience, the better for the entire community.

See what I mean in this Tweet from @guihamel

Current Trends in SEO For Businesses and Bloggers

The last talk of the day was much anticipated, standing-room-only Current Trends in SEO For Businesses and Bloggers. Longtime WordCamp speaker and president of the Canadian Internet Marketing Association Brian Rotsztein dropped a whole lot of new insights into the current state of SEO this weekend. From business owners to SEO specialists, we are always chasing the elusive “Google SEO algorithm” to get our website on first-page results. And more and more, it’s user intent that is influencing results these days.

It’s easy to see that user searches have evolved from succinct keywords to casual natural language — which now includes questions, misspellings, and partial queries. How do you optimize for a misspelled phrase or partial question as a search query?!? And this trend is 100% not going to go away: as Google (and technology in general) gets better and better at processing natural language into user intent, search queries are straying more and more from the easily-targeted keywords we in the industry have been relying on for so long.

Brian Rotzstein WordCamp Montreal 2018

Brian Rotsztein discussing the emergence of Voice Search as a growing practice for users

In his talk, Brian discussed the rise of voice search, optimizing for questions, and leveraging related search results as part of the modern day SEO arsenal. Consider searcher intent and consumer intent to account for what people will really say and mean. Being able to anticipate what they want, where they want it, when they want it, is the true goal for current and future success in SEO.

You can find Brian’s slides here, and I highly encourage you to watch his talk when it appears on wordpress.tv!


WordCamp Montreal was well-organized, well-attended, and was jam-packed with speakers freely sharing what they know about succeeding with WordPress.

If you’d like to learn more about how partnering with SiteLock can help you and your WordPress-powered website or business succeed, have a look at our malware scanning and removal, Web Application Firewall, and CDN products right here.

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