WooConf 2016 – We Were Wooed

April 14, 2016 in SiteLock News

We kicked off our second quarter of 2016 with a trip to weird and wonderful Austin, Texas for the second annual #WooConf! WooConf is an event focused on online storeowners and developers that use the eCommerce solution WooCommerce. If you’re in eCommerce and you don’t know what WooCommerce is, you should! Used by more than 37 percent of all online stores on the Internet (according to BuiltWith.com), WooCommerce is the number one eCommerce platform in the world by volume. This year’s conference brought more than 30 top-tier presenters from the space to share their expertise and experience.

WooConf ran April 6 through April 8, but because we cannot get enough WordPress, we opted to fly into Austin a day early and catch the ATX #WordPress Meetup on Tuesday night. In between bites of pizza, ideas were exchanged, updates on existing projects were presented and friends were made. The organizers recognized that SiteLock and a couple other conference attendees were present at the meeting and invited us each to tell the group a little about what we do. By the end of the night, we had all gained valuable insight and ideas for the days ahead.

The conference was held at The Moody Theater; boasting a high-tech sound system and massive display screens ensuring that no matter where you sat and no matter the crowd, you’d both hear and see your favorite speaker. An attached conference space housed within the W Austin provided a modest booth space for vendors, ranging from payment processing firms to t-shirt manufacturers.

Just a few steps down the hall from the booth area, the peeps from WooCommerce set up a dedicated “Help” room to provide assistance with their products and services. Upon entering the room I was greeted warmly, invited to sit down at one of the many couches, and casually presented questions in a comfortable environment with many, many pillows. Their approach could not have been more welcoming.

Conference talks ranged from lessons in proper taxation of online sales to how to best improve customer interactions. One common topic for discussion among many of the attendees was concerns over the scalability of the WooCommerce environment. Being a free solution built on the WordPress platform, many expressed doubts that the system can sustain a large volume of store activity. Much of these concerns were put to rest through the speakers’ sharing of their own experiences in scaling to massive proportions using the same software by optimizing processes and code.

Throughout the conference you could read the satisfaction on the faces of attendees following an insightful presentation, which carried over into enthusiastic lunch-line conversations, and into the night as the attendees made their way into Austin’s 6th Street entertainment venues.

With the courteous staff, the welcoming storeowners, the community’s generous offerings of support and advice, and an annual conference created with everyone’s thoughts and concerns in mind—it’s really no wonder why WooCommerce has become the top eCommerce solution in the world.

If you’d like to follow along, we’d love to have you stay and browse our other event recaps.

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