Introducing the SiteLock Website Security Insider

SiteLock is excited to announce the publication of its first quarterly website security report, The SiteLock Website Security Insider Q2 2017!

The SiteLock Website Security Insider Q2 2017 includes analysis and trends based on proprietary data from over 6 million websites. The report delivers exclusive insight into the most common threats website owners faced in Q2 2017, including:

  • Malware Trends – Spam accounted for over 62% of total malware files on hacked websites in Q2 2017. This section explores malware breach incidents to determine the reach and severity of individual malware types and families.
  • Content Management Systems Risks – In Q2, 69% of infected WordPress websites were running the latest security patches for WordPress core at the time of compromise. We explore the increasing infection rates for various popular content management systems (CMS) in this section.
  • Plugin Risks – We found that WordPress websites with 20+ plugins are 3.6 times more likely to be compromised than the average website. Learn how the number of plugins can broaden a website’s attack surface and risk of compromise.
  • Website Attacks – Websites experienced 63 attacks per day, per website on average in Q2 – an upsurge from 22 attacks per day in 2016. This section discusses the common trends and prevalence of attack vectors.
  • Common Vulnerabilities – Websites with cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities averaged 74 vulnerable URLS each in Q2. Learn the prevalence of the top vulnerabilities websites faced in Q2 2017 and why they are so attractive for adversaries to exploit.
  • Social Media Risks – Websites linking to Twitter are 2.7x more likely to be compromised than the average website. As Twitter follower count increases, so does the risk. This section explores how social media can contribute to a website’s likelihood of compromise.

Research from this report will help website owners around the world prepare and respond to today’s ever-evolving cybersecurity threats. This report also presents security best practices that all website owners can leverage and easily implement into their current website strategy.

Click here to download your copy of the The SiteLock Website Security Insider Q2 2017!

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