SiteLock Delivers Message of Website Security to 2017 ABA Tech Show

March 23, 2017 in SiteLock News

The SiteLock team is back in Scottsdale after attending the 31st annual ABA Tech Show in Chicago, IL. We spent our time discussing the importance of website security with hundreds of law professionals and provided insight to the common security risks law firms face today.

We were lucky enough to be a Gold Level partner at the 3-day event in the “Windy City,” which kicked off Wednesday, March 15th, and wrapped up Saturday, March 20th, 2017.

As part of our sponsorship, we had an exhibit booth where we provided product information and scheduled free website security risk assessments. SiteLock legal counsel, John Murphy, also delivered a speech on the growing importance of cybersecurity in the legal industry. Our presence was further complimented by our 1-page ad in the ABA Tech Show Program. The theme of the ad focused on the many unknown security threats that lurk within a website. We even poured free drinks during happy hour!

During the event, we had the opportunity to shake hands with many lawyers looking enhance their firms’ cybersecurity. After speaking with a number of attendees, we realized there was an overarching theme– small law firms didn’t feel they were at risk of cyberattacks, and larger firms weren’t aware of the steps their organizations were taking to avoid risk, or if they were proactively taking any steps at all.

We also struck up some great conversations with state-level bar association representatives who are considering requiring members to take steps to better protect their sensitive client data. Examples of these steps include pushing toward the use of a SSL to encrypt data, and potentially implementing a web application firewall to protect websites against attack.

The consensus we observed on the show floor was a great segue into the presentation delivered Thursday morning by Murphy.

Murphy kicked off his speech with a personal anecdote about the firm where he landed his first gig as a lawyer. At this firm there was one seasoned senior partner in particular, who refused to use a computer. This tech avoidant partner tried to convince Murphy that as a lawyer, he should not be typing his own legal briefs. Instead, he told Murphy he needed to use a dictation machine (voice recorder), and give the recordings to a secretary to type.

The point of the story was to illustrate just how much technology has evolved in the legal industry. Murphy continued to discuss the lack of website security in most law firms, the reasons law firms are targeted by cybercriminals, and key steps organizations must take to protect themselves.

All in all, the ABA Tech Show organizers did a fantastic job putting on this event. We had a great time and look forward to returning next year!

If you would like to get a free website risk assessment call 877.456.0634 to one of our experts today!

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