To WAF or Not to WAF? Part 3: Types of Website Traffic

August 23, 2013 in Cyber Attacks

Who is visiting my website?

There are two basic categories of traffic that visit your website – humans and bots. An invaluable benefit of the TrueShield web application firewall is being able to differentiate, not only between these two basic groups, but also to separate the good bots from the bad. Bots get a bad rap, since most people associate them with cyber attacks. But if it weren’t for the search engines using bots to index your website, your site would never appear in a search and all your SEO efforts would be wasted. These are the good bots, and if your website application firewall is blocking them you could be hurting your online business instead of protecting it. SiteLock ensures that these bots are able to access your site and do their job for you. Knowing more about your visitors also enables you to spend smarter when it comes to marketing dollars, and to provide your advertisers with the most accurate numbers. When it comes to your website traffic (and, well, pretty much everything else in life), knowledge is power.

What’s the best way to use a WAF?

Let’s go back to the secret service analogy. Once you get a web application firewall it’s as if you are stationing guards at every entry point of your site, remember? So that takes care of the traffic entering your website, but what about the traffic that came in before you hired those guys?

If you don’t already have a security scan running on your website, your best bet for a completely clean site is to couple a website security scanning service with the website application firewall. This allows you to find and fix anything harmful that got in before the WAF was put in place, and you can trust the web application firewall (and its team of agents) to prevent any new malicious traffic from entering. And voila – your website is a safer, faster, all-around better experience for your visitors and customers.

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