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What Is Security?

First, let’s tell you what security is not. Security is not safety.

Security is on everyone’s mind at this festive time of year. As more and more consumers move their shopping online, e-commerce security and the security of personal information naturally comes to the forefront. But what is security?

It’s a large and nebulous topic to which entire areas of study are dedicated, and the average website owner can’t be expected to be an expert, let alone a consumer. That’s why we’re taking this opportunity to answer this question and hopefully provide a foundation of understanding to help all site owners and consumers better assess their security needs.

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How To Prevent Business Identity Theft

business identity theftIdentity theft is the fastest growing crime in the history of America, and businesses are not immune. There were more than 16 million victims of identity theft in the U.S. just last year, which works out to more than one new victim every three seconds. To put that in perspective, that means there were more victims of identity theft last year than there were reported murders, attempted murders, burglaries, attempted burglaries, arsons, vehicle thefts, purse snatchings, pick pocketings, shoplifting, and check fraud combined. With so many crimes and criminals in circulation, don’t make the mistake of assuming that it will never come creeping into your business.

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