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April 17, 2018 in Community

This weekend SiteLock sponsored SNAP, a conference focused on the business of blogging for DIY creatives including modern handmade items, contemporary crafts, home-based events, and dozens of other creative entrepreneurs.

I was honored to present a roundtable session titled “Cybersecurity: Protecting You and Your Blog” about personal and website security, where I shared a checklist of tips about how to keep your personal information private, how to prevent your business blog from being hacked, and what to do if the worst happens.

SNAP isn’t your typical WordPress conference, although the majority of attendees are utilizing that platform. Every session was focused on teaching attendees how to utilize their blogs and social channels to generate a full-time income from their amazing craft-related content and tutorials.

Eat Dessert First Reception

Organized and presented by Christie Troxell of Ritzy Parties, this opening reception was a “sweet” event with its focus on baking, decorating, and party crafting. The evening featured a photo booth, DJ, activity stations, and a few contests and giveaways to sweeten the deal. Many attendees came dressed to impress in their sweetest outfits and fun was had by all.


SNAP was a two-day conference jam-packed with presentations by leading DIY bloggers and social media influencers. There were many exciting sessions. The feedback I heard from attendees throughout the weekend made it clear that the content and speakers all shared useful and actionable advice for attendees seeking to grow their blogging businesses.


The day kicked off with an inspiring keynote presentation by Stuart Edge, former cleaner of porta-potties, and now a YouTuber with almost three million subscribers! Not only is Stuart’s story an inspiring one, but he was very entertaining and provided attendees with many “ah ha” moments on how they can take advantage of video for their own businesses.

Stop Ignoring Twitter!

Presented by Kim Six and Rachel Teodoro, this session detailed how many people in the crafting blogging community are largely ignoring the platform in their marketing efforts. They provided great advice on how to utilize Twitter for conversations with users and brands, and how to turn those conversations into partnerships.

Diversify Your Income with Digital Products

Tanner Bell provided great advice and tips for creating and promoting digital products alongside your DIY blogging content. He also discussed the importance of building a content strategy around your products utilizing, not only your blog content but also how to repurpose that content for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

The Business of Creative Influencer: Legal Tips and Tricks

Brittany Ratelle is an attorney for creative entrepreneurs who believe in the power of cute office supplies AND good contracts. She gave advice on business entities, copyright policies, and evolving FTC disclosure compliance in emerging channels. She also detailed what legal documents EVERY website needs, how to negotiate contracts for brand/influencer campaigns, and tips for growth projects like live events, licensing, and physical products.

Cybersecurity: Protecting Yourself and Your Blog

I began this roundtable discussion by focusing on the importance of security awareness daily and why it matters for both your offline and online life. We then moved into actionable tips for website security, including my 5 Simple Steps to Website Security.

My session was received well by those in attendance and the discussion afterward was filled with questions regarding common challenges the average user has in implementing proper security best practices, such as “How do I create and remember all these strong and unique passwords?” You can find the answer to this question and several other security best practice advice right here.

Secret Sisters (and Brothers)

In its fifth year, the SNAP Secret Sisters program is a popular one with attendees. Organized by Katie from Sweet Rose Studio and Rebecca from The Crafted Sparrow, this program is not only a lot of fun but also a unique way to connect more personally with other participants. I entered into the program this year and was partnered anonymously with two other attendees, one to buy gifts for, and one to receive gifts from. On the second day, you found out who gave you the gifts and it was a great opportunity to connect with someone you may not have met.

My gifts included a new book (great for my travel schedule) and my favorite item, robot socks! A big thanks Britni Vigil from PlayPartyPlan!


By all accounts, SNAP was a successful event. We learned a lot about the needs of creative business bloggers and had the opportunity to share just how important website security is to sustaining and growing an online business.

Whether you’re a blogger who’s already generating an income from your website or are just starting out, putting a solid security plan in place is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your success. Learn more about our malware scanning, WAF, and CDN services or keep the conversation going by following us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook!

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