An Overview of SiteLock’s Security Research Efforts

October 6, 2015 in SiteLock News, SiteLock Research

As SiteLock continues to innovate and push the boundaries of web site protection, we’ve invested in and grown our security research team to provide new capabilities and content for customers and the security community at large.

This week, we will discuss what the SiteLock Research Team is, the team’s mission, and provide an overview of the team’s emerging efforts, as well as where to find and how to interact with the team.

Who Is The Research Team?

The SiteLock Research Team (SiRT), located at our Scottsdale offices, is a team of experienced developers and security analysts with years of industry experience and hours upon hours wading the sea of malware that SiteLock mitigates.

The team currently focuses on malware analysis, signature creation, training, and tool creation. Automating malware cleans, improving malware detection, and decoding automation are all improvements the team have accomplished.

Our Security Research Focus

The mission of the Research Team is to provide SiteLock customers and the security community security-significant alerts, information, and trends, responsibly disclosed, about the latest developments in vulnerabilities and exploitation.

The new push of the Research Team is two-fold: First, contribute to the WordPress community by analyzing plugins and themes for unknown vulnerabilities, along with the creation of timely WordPress-specific security content. We will use SiteLock TrueCode static analysis tool in our WordPress security research, to help root out difficult-to-find vulnerabilities. The use of security industry and custom tools will provide POCs for developers and the community. The new WordPress security information push will include the new vulnerability research as well as the latest in WordPress news and developments, much of which will come from SiteLock’s unprecedented window into the world of WordPress malware trends.

The second component of SiRT’s emerging security research efforts is to expand research to other platforms – Joomla, Drupal, Magento – and focus information dissemination in the most efficient and responsible manner possible.

Keeping Up With The Latest Web Security Developments

How can you find this information and interact with the Research Team? is the first stop for the latest web security developments and is where SiRT will publish new, responsibly-disclosed vulnerabilities. Check the District blog for articles on security research that specifically affects WordPress users. Also, for Twitter fans, follow @SiteLock and @sitelockweston for updates.

You can interact with Research Team on the SiteLock blog by sharing stories, sharing and replying to tweets, and contacting SiteLock directly at support [at] sitelock [dot] com. Again, stay tuned to The SiteLock Blog for information regarding the launch of new SiteLock research content.

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