Vic’s Tree Service Saved By Website Security [Case Study]

September 6, 2018 in Cyber Attacks, SiteLock Reviews

Company Overview

Vic’s Tree Service prides itself in preserving “the beauty of nature in your own yard.” Founded in 1978, the company has provided quality tree and landscape care to the Great Falls, Virginia community for forty years. They specialize in tree care, tree stump removal, and can even show customers how to cut down a personal Christmas tree. Due to the company’s growing popularity, Vic’s Tree Service launched its website,, to improve their marketing efforts and assist prospective and current customers.

The Challenge

Vic’s Tree Service was in high demand, thanks to their website, Tracy Price, advertising manager for Vic’s Tree Service, was shocked when the website came under a cyberattack, and, as a result, was suspended by her hosting provider and blacklisted by Google. Both events were devastating to Vic’s Tree Service, as potential consumers could no longer access the site. When online visitors searched for, a red screen displayed stating, “Beware! This site is infected with malware.” The side effects of the cyberattack were detrimental to Vic’s Tree Service, and Tracy was bombarded with customers calling and complaining about the loss of website service. Initially was down for three days before Tracy made the call to SiteLock. The downtime led to a staggering 75 percent decrease in sales and damage to the company’s bottom line. With their website being their only way of advertising and a prime source of revenue, Tracy needed to move quickly to restore their business and reputation.

Since was disabled until the malware was removed, Tracy contacted her hosting provider, who recommended SiteLock as their trusted security provider. Tracy spoke with a SiteLock Website Security Consultant, and together they selected SiteLock® INFINITY, a website scanner that continuously monitors for malware and vulnerabilities. When malware is found, it is automatically removed on the spot.

“After calling SiteLock, our website was up and running within hours,” Tracy says. As soon as INFINITY was set up, an alarming 362 files of malware were automatically removed that were damaging The SiteLock Expert Services team, a highly trained group of Security Engineers, is an additional advantage of the INFINITY package. The team manually removed an additional 10 sophisticated malware files that were too complex to be removed automatically. To further protect Vic’s Tree Service from ever experiencing this again, Tracy opted for SiteLock® TrueShield WAF (web application firewall) to proactively prevent malicious traffic and harmful requests from accessing “I needed the best security protection for our business and customers. SiteLock reviewed my website’s needs. The SiteLock team put my mind at ease and explained the products I purchased in detail, so I could understand what I was buying,” Tracy recalls.

The Resolution

SiteLock® INFINITY continuously scans a sizable 19,389 files for malware on daily. Additionally, SiteLock® TrueShield WAF blocks a vast 500 bots from accessing the site each day. Tracy uses the SiteLock customer Dashboard to view the overall health and performance of her site on a regular basis, including her daily scanning and WAF results.

When asked what advice she has for other businesses, Tracy states, “SiteLock reviews my website for me. Reliable website security is key to maintaining a functional website and protecting your business and customers’ information. Trust me, SiteLock is worth preventing a website compromise, and the headaches and reputational damage associated with it.”

SiteLock offers a suite of comprehensive and affordable website security solutions to ensure your website is protected from cyberattacks. For more SiteLock case studies, visit our reviews page. You can also read other SiteLock customer reviews on Consumer Affairs and TrustPilot.

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