SiteLock Helps Publication Regain Online Presence After Malware Attack

May 10, 2018 in SiteLock Reviews


As a publisher, editor, and fan of the bucking bull industry for over 20 years, Terry Lidral brought her passion for ranch and rodeo to life by creating The online magazine is dedicated to keeping bucking stock enthusiasts informed with monthly updates on industry news.


Shortly after the initial launch of her website, Terry noticed she was not receiving any site traffic or subscribers. Concerned, she searched for her website on Google and found a bold message stating, “This Site May Be Hacked” under her website listing. “What is going on? What should I do?” Terry recounts. After further investigation, Terry learned Google blacklisted her website and displayed the message to warn potential visitors the site was infected with malware. Terry immediately contacted her hosting provider who transferred her to SiteLock, their trusted security partner. Terry was connected to a dedicated SiteLock Website Security Consultant who reviewed her website and quickly confirmed her site was infected with malware. If Terry did not remove the malware, cybercriminals would have unauthorized access to her site, putting her subscribers’ email addresses or other personal information at risk. Even worse, the blacklist warning would continue to turn visitors away, and her site would ultimately be removed from the Google index.

Solution and Resolution

To remove the malware quickly, the Website Security Consultant recommended SiteLock™ SMART®, a daily scanner that automatically detects vulnerabilities and removes known malware. Once configured, SMART instantly removed the malware infecting Terry’s website.

Within two hours of talking to SiteLock, was free of malware and the blacklist warning was removed. Since SMART proactively checks for website malware each day, Terry doesn’t have to worry about another blacklist warning impacting her website and visitors again.

“I felt a sense of relief when SMART removed the malware on my site,” said Terry. “I am not a technical person and could not have removed the malware myself. My SiteLock representative was very helpful and made the entire process simple and easy. SiteLock really took care of me,” Terry says.

SiteLock SMART currently scans over 14,700 files for malware on every day. Not only that, but Terry’s subscribers have increased 50% since using SiteLock. “With SiteLock protecting my website, my traffic and page views have surpassed my initial expectations. My visitors are leaving their email information to the subscription list with confidence,” Terry says. Terry has peace of mind knowing her site is protected, along with the integrity of her visitor’s information. When asked if she had any advice for other website owners who do not have website security, she simply stated, “Get it! You owe it to your customers, visitors, or subscribers to keep their information safe!”

SiteLock offers a suite of comprehensive and affordable website security solutions to ensure your website stays free of malware. For more SiteLock case studies, visit our reviews page. You can also read other SiteLock customer reviews on the BBB and TrustPilot.

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