Celebrate National Website Security Month

October 15, 2013 in Small Business

OK, so there’s no such thing. But guess what? It’s still October, which means it’s still National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Close enough, right? That also means there’s still plenty of time to focus on the security housekeeping that’s crucial to the success and survival of your web presence.

Security is like profit – it’s not an option. And that’s even more important to remember if you rely heavily on your website, either to promote your business or to process orders.

So in the latest in our series of blogs to recognize this important month, we invite you to spend a little time thinking about ways you can improve the security of your website, and your livelihood:

  • Give your website security a once-over. Like taking your favorite car to the mechanic or yourself for an annual physical, maybe it’s time to check your website thoroughly, kick the tires a little and see if there’s anything you missed.
  • Think about your data. Most businesses collect data, especially about their customers. Most businesses also collect too much data about their customers and keep it too long. So use this time to make sure your website is not collecting more customer information than your business really needs.
  • Time to refresh your passwords, and maybe your practices. As any hacker will tell you, often the easiest way to break into a website is through the front door. Like stealing a car, it’s much easier if it’s parked out front with the keys under the front wheel. Too many business owners and website administrators are lazy about the way they make and manage their passwords. And make it too easy for hackers to just figure them out and let themselves in.
  • Your website never sleeps, so neither should your security. Just because you close your business at the end of the day doesn’t mean your business is actually closed. It’s still wide open and awake all night long. And the best way you can protect it is to make sure you hire the right company to guard your website when you’re tucked in bed.
  • This is also a good time to talk to your employees about security. When it comes to security, employees can be sentries or they can be vulnerabilities. If they’re not trained properly, they’re not involved in security, and they’re not vigilant about simple risks, hackers will readily exploit them. Vigilant and security-aware employees are often your best line of defense.
  • Patrol your plugins. Some of the biggest website vulnerabilities come from third-party software and plugins. If security patches or updates are issued for any of these plugins, and you miss them, chances are hackers won’t. So you should always have an up-to-date list of all the third-party plugins your site uses, and a system for tracking and installing updates.
  • Don’t forget all your backdoors. Hackers are a very creative bunch, and one of the most common tactics in their arsenal is to target business owners and employees with malware-laden emails. The idea is to trick the recipient into opening the email and infecting their computer – a computer that at some point might be used to store or enter the password for the website. Every computer used for the business, including your own, is a potential back door. So lock them up tight.
  • If you’re not already PCI compliant, thinking about getting with the program. If you take credit cards, you need to be. But PCI compliance is good for every business, regardless of size, and it’s pretty straightforward.

To put these tips into action and fully protect your website from cyberthreats, give the SiteLock security experts a call at 855-378-6200. We’re available 24/7/365 to help.

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