Mike Hansen (Bluehost) – WordPress Influencer Interview

August 26, 2016 in Community

We sat down with Bluehost‘s Lead WordPress Developer Mike Hansen at WordCamp Orange County to talk about what it means to be a core contributor and his role at Bluehost. Mike shares some tips on how those interested in becoming WordPress contributors can get started and a little about his experience contributing.

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>> Question: When did you start using WordPress?

>> Mike Hansen:
I started using WordPress probably 2007. I believe 2.7, WordPress 2.7.

>> Question: What brings you to WordCamp?

>> Mike Hansen:
Bluehost loves to contribute to the community. We have developers who contribute to WordPress core. We sponsor every WordCamp on (the) globe. We want to make sure that it happens. We want to make sure that the community thrives.

>> Question: What is contributing to core?

>> Mike Hansen:
Following along with the project and finding out what kind of bugs needs to be fixed, or what features are coming up next, and then writing some code and submitting a patch for that. But there’s other ways to contribute beyond code as well.

>> Question: How many contributions to core have you made and how long did it take you?

>> Mike Hansen:
I think last time I checked I think it was a little more than 100. Like three and a half years.

>> Question: What is the best way to get started with core?

>> Mike Hansen:
I think Contributor Days are great because you have a lot of people there who have contributed and you have a lot of people who want to learn how to contribute, so you have a lot of really great like expert advice on how to get the ball rolling. I think it just sparks an interest and then I think the contributing last longer than the Contributor Day.

>> Question: Any tips for new core contributors?

>> Mike Hansen:
I think that it’s really good to just start seeing how Trac functions. It’s more the process. There’s a lot of great developers out there who just don’t know the process to contribute. Once you learn the process of how Trac works, there’s good “first bugs” you can go and find, and that’s a good route to take.

>> Question: What was your biggest WordPress win?

>> Mike Hansen:
Biggest WordPress win? Probably just the moment the light bulb happened, when I just realized the way WordPress works.

>> Question: Where do you see WordPress in two years?

>> Mike Hansen:
WordPress in two years I think is gonna be more small businesses and more serious business as well, application type projects.

>> Question: Faster or Slower?

>> Mike Hansen:
Got a 50-50 shot here I guess. Going ‘faster,’ get more done.

>> Question: Batman or Superman?

>> Mike Hansen:
Batman. Because he has all the cool like gadgets.

>> Question: Star Trek or Star Wars?

>> Mike Hansen:
Star Wars.

>> Question: What keeps you up at night?

>> Mike Hansen:
What keeps me up at night? I don’t know, nothing. I sleep pretty good, snore a little bit. This guy, this guy keeps me up at night.



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